free airtime app in nigeria


free airtime app in nigeria
Today's post covers everything you need to know about free airtime .how to get unlimited airtime free of charge.
You must have heard of zoto app & top up Download topupafrica airtime app app & naira cash they re online apps use for paying bills and recharging our phones .
You can also earn free airtime by referring people through your invitation link and earn unlimited airtime .
With above mentioned you can use any of these apps to pay bills such as cable bill,bet bill,buy& sell airtime ,convert airtime into money.
Download zoto airtime app
free airtime app in nigeria
Zoto is an online app use for paying bills ,recharging phone and internet data.
they are authorized by CBN
they have safe payment gateway
You earn free airtime by referral link
Bonus on every recharge
Discount on every bill payment portal
Use for funding bet account
You will earn 600 airtime on every person you invite when they recharge
Features of zoto
Download zoto app
Use for recharging mobile phones,500% bonus on every recharge .I would advice everyone to use zoto for get 500% airtime on every recharge ,sometimes 300% percent. For instance you recharge 100naira worth of airtime on zoto you will be credited with 600/400 airtime depending on available coupon code.
Whenever you want to recharge first,check out the available coupon code.
Their recharge amount is from 50 naira upwards no charge rate .
Click on offers to see available offer and coupon codes for payment and airtime

With zoto your bet stress is taken care you can now fund your bet account directly from your zoto wallet nairabet or bet9ja account will be funded in some seconds.

discount on every bill payment:you will get discount on any zoto bill payment such as cable payment, internet service payment, electricity payment etc.

Earn unlimited airtime through referral  link
Well if you don't have money for airtime you can easily earn up to 10,000 worth of airtime by sharing your invitation link to your friends/family and social medias .
You get 100naira on every registered member through your invitation link.

Live chat: if you have any complain or issue click on live chat icon chat with zoto agent .
Go ahead use zoto to to pay your bills & purchase airtime from zoto to save money no matter the amount you will get 300% bonus the higher your purchase the higher bonus you will get .

Top up Africa
This app just came out some months up Africa gives bonus  on every recharge,discount on bill payment and internet service .
One good feature about top up is Airtime transfer to bank .
Top up Africa is just like zoto they do same thing .
Claim your airtime today by downloading
Download topupafrica app
Transfer to bank:
you can now transfer Airtime from your top up account to your bank account .in Nigeria telecommunication providers (mtn,glo,9mobile and Airtel)don't allow transferring of airtime from your mobile phone to your bank account with top up africa its possible.

Bonus balance
bonus airtime is the actual bonus made through your invitation link .this bonus can be withdrawn as airtime not as bank credit .

Referral link
Referral link is an invitation link used in inviting your friends to top up Africa .you earn 100 airtime on every invitation. Money can only be withdrawn as airtime not as bank credit .
To earn unlimited airtime with top up Africa you will need to share your invitation link to your family/friends social medias .

Bonus on every recharge: just like zoto app you get bonus on every recharge,thus this app is amazing.

discount on every bill payment made you get discount if you use top up Africa to pay your bills such as electricity bill,discount on every data purchased

Live chat we don't trust this app yet because its new .zoto have been in existence for 3years now they are trusted and authorized by CBN Nigeria .
Topupafrica have their own live chat just like zoto you can contact their customer care for complains .
Download zoto app
Zoto  vs topupafrica
Comparing these two apps would be like comparing water and drink .they both are related in a state of description but somehow artistic .
For me I will go with zoto, zoto have been in existence for years

I am tmerlin a tech lover