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how to reduce data usage on android
I will be talking about data eye application best mobile data ever .you may be wondering what is data eye app?
okay bit by bit am going to breakdown everything.
If you re an android user you must have encountered data zapping on your android device most especially if you re using android 5.1 down.
As we all know this is a tutorial and problem solving website,I bring good news to all android users after reading this article you re going to have full control over your android device .
Data Eye is an application I came across on google playstore when I was looking for solution on how to stop background data on my android device.To make the story short data eye is an application for controlling android mobile data.
Dataeye application could be the best android saving data application if not the best,it has good interface easy to access .

Features of dataeye application

  • Auto start:one of the features of data eye is auto start you can set dataeye to start when you switch on your device.it starts immediately you turn on your device no need of enabling data saving again it immediately starts blocking all unauthorized apps.
  • Set monthly start date : this feature helps you to specify which day a new month starts for data tracking .limiting how much data your android device consumes in a day & month.
  • Manage traffic on WiFi :enable data eye to block WiFi as you re connected to WiFi as well .
  • Control : just one touch you can block app from using data.I'm recommending  data eye app for all android users.

how to reduce data usage on android
Let's look into other ways we can reduce data usage on android.As an android user you have to be cautious of your data.in some countries mostly Africa countries purchasing data plan could be stony because of high data in  most countries.

Proven ways to stop data zapping on android

  • Limit data usage  
Just as I have mentioned above ,its good to map out your data usage limit,consistently monitoring your data you can do that by going to your phone setting data usage set the amount of data you would like to use for period of time ,you can also use third party application like dataeye .

  • Adblocker
Well as internet surfer you ought to know the importance of adblocker .I,myself I can't browse the internet  without turning on my adblocker why?adblocker saves data blocks unwanted adverts and blocks redirection of malware websites.
If you re android user or iOS user you should start using adblocker on your device .

  • Opera mini
Its advisable to use opera mini for internet browsing .opera mini is an internet application comes with every android mtk phone.opera mini can be downloaded on platstore & appstore.if you really wanna save data and reduce data consumption opera mini is for you for browsing but doesn't install cookie or open heavy websites.opera mini is only meant for browsing webpages and it has inbuilt adblocker .

  • Uc browser
Uc browser Is one of the popular browser and mostly use browser in the world.why uc browser? Uc browser has good interface,navigation ,slide ,data saving and adblocker .uc browser opens all websites unlike opera mini it stores cookie just that it has multiple cores not recommended for 1gb ram device .

  • Adverts
Be mindful of what you install or authorize on your phone .we install advert applications on our phone not knowing the consequences and damages it could cause to your device .let me break it down its not recommended to keep applications with adverts why ?it slows down your device, causes your phone to hang and could bring malicious malware virus.get ride of advertising apps on your device .

  • check data usage

If you don't check your data usage how would you know know what's consuming your data .Goto setting data usage  take some seconds see your data analytic see what's consuming your data set data limit uninstall data zapping apps minimize your data usage .

  • Live streaming
You re not on WiFi you re using your purchased internet mobile data to stream or watch YouTube videos .
Let me explain what is live streaming?
Live stream simply means watching an on going event ,just like YouTube videos you download them before watching them,same thing applies to live stream.
Stop streaming with your mobile data.

  • Turn off hotspot
It has happened to me several times whereby i turned on my hotspot for some reasons not knowing others awere sharing my data with me . Put your hotspot in password .

  • Autostart & background
These two are related and must be tackled for less data consumption you need to disable autostart applications and back ground apps .you may need third party app to do this.
I hope this tutorial has solution to your problem please don't forget to leave a comment.

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