Create your own blog


Create your own blog

Majority of people have failed woefully in blogging why? because they went into blogging because of money .it's obvious now 97% of people coming into blogging are blogging for money ,sooner or later they will quit blogging once AdSense bans them.

People are quitting blogging day by day why?  they can't face the challenges in blogging and competitions .

What makes you a successful blogger is not giving up ,tackling challenges and competing with the best .
I have spent more than $1000 on blogging,have never earned a dim from my blog.

If you put money first certainly you will not last long,Google AdSense must surely disable your ads some day .

For you to make it in blogging,be ready  for the worse you may encounter low traffic,poor AdSense earning,no money for internet data,you may not have a laptop,alot of challenges to encounter.

I personally have been blogging for 8months now without making a single penny from my blog.i have AdSense but I decided not to place it on my blog now because I want to build my blog SEO first.bloggers nowadays are blogging for Google AdSense which is bad,they quit once Google disables their account hahaha that's blogging for them.

How to create a blog

I will share mu mentor's story with you .
Nuel is my mentor he started blogging back then in the year 2013, his first blog was on WordPress,2014 his host and domain expired he lost his blog.he started over again,created a new blog started working on it by 2015 the hosting company he was hosting on got shutdown.nuel didn't give up he started over again created a blog was partnering with someone one day his partner kick him out of his own blog ,took over it. Nuel never gave up started afresh again bought host and domain,his host bandwidths got exhausted he had no money to upgrade his hosting plan,that led to the closure of his blog .January 2017 he began anew created a new blog after some months his AdSense account wass disabled.he created another blog on told himself AdSense & no AdSense he will not quit.5months of his new blog I checked his Alexa rank behold his blog is among the 600,000 websites in the world and ranked among 15,000 websites in United State of America.

Create your own blog

If you really want to make it in blogging please remove Google AdSense & money from your mind.i had many challenges when I started blogging my first blog website was taken down by my trusted friend not only that, group of people tried bomb clicking my AdSense too.

Be original in the sense that you re not impersonating anyone .try writing your own articles don't steal others effort.
Plagiarism is not good ,Google has started penalizing plagiarisma websites please don't copy others work if you must copy put the original link at end of your post .
Be yourself don't compare your self with others be unique in your own way.

How to start a blog

Reasons you should start a blog
  1. Become a great researcher : as a blogger you ought to be a great researcher in order to keep your blog up to date .
  2. Make money : chances of making money from your blog through freelancing , affiliate marketing, Google Adsense etc.
  3. Inspired : you know you re not blogging for your self you will be a role model to up coming bloggers .
  4. Good writer : chances of becoming a good writer and thinker  
  5. You build community online : you bring people together as a family and share views
  6. As an author is the best way to express yourself and exhibit your talent
  7. You help people in numerous ways you by giving answer to their questions
  8. As a blogger you Help in spreading information.

Things to avoid as a newbie
  • Don't put money first
  • Don't buy traffic
  • Don't copy others work 
  • Don't impersonal anyone be yourself

How to start a blog
  1. Choose a blog name 
  2. Choose niche
  3. Choose a domain name 
  4. Choose a platform
  5. Choose a host
  6. Choose theme
  7. Design your blog
  8. Write value articles
  9. Add meta tag
  10. Submit your blog to search engines 
  11. Apply for Google AdSense or affiliate

Create your own blog

  1. Pick a name for your blog and description...this is the first thing to do before purchasing a domain name,a name that will represent your blog on the internet. description is really important ,it helps search engine to index your blog contents 🚮tells more about your website.
  2. Niche plays a very big role in blogging field .before starting up a blog,you got to ask yourself this question? What niche is best for me 🛃what will you be bloging on?niche is just an area of on what you re best in and what you have passion for .there are many niches like money , tutorials, entertainment, education, relationship,music, technology alot of on what you re good at.
  3. Yeah pick a domain for your blog,what name would you like to represent your blog on the internet.pick a domain  on godday & namecheap .these are the best domain registrars ,hosting over 40million domains but you can purchase domain elsewhere .A domain makes your blog look professional , people will take your blog serious .here is what a domain name looks like. domain name is your website name. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website.
  4. choose a platform: the platform am talking about could be blogger & WordPress.What is web hosting?A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called you can see you can't get your website on the internet without hosting it,even after you might have purchased a domain name you still need to host it to get it on the internet.

All the websites you see on the internet are hosted on server .think of any website cnn,BBC,skynews they re all hosted on server .
You can purchase host from

  1. Bluehost
  2. Namecheap
  3. Interserver
  4. HostGator
  5. Whogohost
  6. Ipage
Now we will be talking about platforms
We have many platforms but the two best platforms are 

Create your own blog

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
you can create free blog with these two platforms but if you want your blog to be your business WordPressis the best platform.
You can create free blog with WordPress but note you re limited you won't monetize your blog you,not allowed to use plugins .the truth is you don't own your blog, advert will be placed on your blog ,people will not take your blog serious .we recommend self-hosted WordPress  .

Create your own blog

First go-to interserver ,bluehost♿whogohost,hastgstor or any host of your choice,purchase a hosting plan .make sure your host has 1click install.after getting a host first thing to do is install WordPress

Choose a theme ;choose the theme of your choice here is my pick.
  •  carignton theme 
  • WPapptouch
  • WordPress Mobile Pack
  • Photographer Under Construction WordPress Mobile Theme
  • jQuery Mobile WordPress Theme
  • Ferrari Under Construction WordPress Mobile Theme
  • WordPress Mobile Theme
  • Mobius WordPress Theme
  • Quickapp
  • Coming Soon Responsive WordPress Theme
  • WPtouch
  • Fotos Launching Soon Responsive WordPress Mobile Theme
  • MobileView
  • WiziApp
  • WPReadable

After you have choosen your desired theme,it's time to design your blog to your taste. Please note designing a blog or theme really don't matter that much🛃for me I go with any theme ,what matters is your contents.dont waste your time designing your blog instead focus on your blog post you can design your blog after writing your blog post.

Create your own blog

Write value articles; blog post is the main content of a blog .write things your readers would like to spend time reading .concentrate on your niche,try publishing new posts once in three days & daily,don't forget to always back up your blog post for safety.

Blogger is a free hosting site owned by Google second best to WordPress.if you want a free blog blogger is the best choice .

To create a free blog on blogger first thing to do is to sign up on blogger log in into admin ok new create a new blog,your new blog will look like this you can replace  your sub domain with your own domain name 
 Change your theme to theme of your choice .
Here's my pick best blogger themes
  • Simplify 2
  • Duos mag
  • Topnews
  • Sevida
  • Minima colored mag
  • Cleanswift
  • Axact
  • News mag
  • News52
  • Fast
  • Bpress
  • magone
  • seohub
  • Flexzine
  • Foundia

Create your own blog

Write value articles; blog post is the main content of a blog .write things your readers would like to spend time reading .concentrate on your niche,try publishing new posts once in three days & daily,don't forget to always back up your blog post.

Meta tag for WordPress users please install (yoast seo) best SEO plugin for WordPresWordPress.
For bloggers you got to do it manually

Submit to search engine; after creating your blog first thing to do is to submit your blog to search engines like google,Bing,Yahoo yaduex etc
Submit website to google
After submitting your blog verification ownership of your blog and wait for some days to index your blog.

Create your own blog

Monetization after setting up your blog monetization is the next step make sure you have enough contents,apply for Google AdSense or any monetization of your choice but Google AdSense is the best AdSense sign up 

Affiliate;Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.choose your method of monetization Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

Conclusion: don't waste your time contemplating between blogger and WordPress .the two platforms are good . believe me you can have any blog design on blogger if you know how to code .
WordPress is good,blogger is good too 

If you want your blog to be your business WordPress is the best choice .

I am tmerlin a tech lover