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This is exciting, just too exciting let's not leave anyone behind, we have to reach out to the world.
It's yet another opportunity to be a part of the movement.
Trust me this will not take much of YOUR TIME.
My names are Abdulazeez Biola and I am here to tell you about something that got me so excited since the day I began, something that promises to change your life, an experience you will be glad to be a part of, it's a PROMISE!!! (You will thanks me later)
We are talking about RESONANCE-CAPITAL, resonance-capital is a guaranteed and sure money making team.
What/who is RESONANCE-CAPITAL.Resonance-capital
Resonance Capital is more than just an investment company
 Resonance Capital is a trust manager for more than 25,000 customers around the world. We enable you to earn passive income without having to
trade yourself.
It is a Licensed and Regulated Company:
 The Resonance Capital brand is a trademark of Resonance Fund Management Limited, which complies with all international standards for the provision of investment and brokerage services. The company operates under license № 15039 and is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. This gives our clients the opportunity to think about what is really important for them: making a profit.
It is Known Worldwide:
 Our company has more than 25,000 customers in 62 countries on 5 continents. Next year, we project to have 60,000 customers and to expand our geographical presence to at least 90 countries. Our goal is to open at least 50 regional representative offices of the company around the world.
The company just recently had it first promotional conference in Dubai where a lot of rewards were given to investors and workers who have made the company proud and you can be next,  resonance - capital is here to give a first hand customer service and relations to help the world in making so much more money to benefit the people.Sign up
It's profit medium is of two ways.
1. By investment : this is where you fund your account and invest by choosing any of our portfolio that suits you depending on your capacity to invest.
2. By binary add ups : this has to do with you inviting and encouraging your friends and family to invest and join in this amazing opportunity, you get steady share if profit from every investments made by those who eventually invest in the company.
 Transparent and Fair Conditions:
 At Resonance Capital, we directly and openly declare the terms of engagement with no hidden provisions. This applies to both trust management services and the fulfilment of the agency program conditions. The customers receive exactly what we declare on our website, regardless of the investment size and their activity.
It is Ease and Convenience:

We've designed our services and our tools with our customers in mind. You will find that transactions and interactions with Resonance Capital are simple and easy to complete, whether it's registering for a new account, account management or transfer right down to withdrawal of your funds.
The company's activities relate to the trading in currency pairs in the Forex market, the trading in cryptocurrency, the purchase and sale of shares of the US issuers and other derivative financial instruments on stock indices and commodity assets.
This is as simple as ABC, trust me it's your moment to get that dream financial freedom,
it's about the real team, it's about the money team, you can access this opportunity from anywhere in the world, we were not born to live or die poor with opportunistic like this who knows what the defiant ion of poor is *smiles.
let's be happy and make some good money.
Trust me you will thank me later.
Steps to being a part of Resonance - Capital.REGISTER HERE
 Register an account and choose an investment portfolio :Register account here
On our website, you can find a convenient registration form consisting of several simple fields. Just in case, we use special technologies to correct any of your registration mistakes, even intentional.
Sign up using mentor name: Kashia

Choose an investment portfolio that fits your needs :
 Once in the back office, review the list of investment portfolios and choose one
to invest in.
 Fund the account in a convenient way and buy a portfolio
 You can easily make a deposit to your account via bank transfer or electronic payment systems.
frequently asked questions:
1. Is it a ponzi scheme: no its is not, it is a invest for profit kind of platform which pays you the said declared percentage of your investment weekly.
2. How does the company make their profit: this is a multi national company, it trades in penny stocks amongst other cryptocurrency trading opportunities to turn over your investment where you get you declared profit paid to you weekly.
3. How can I make the best of it: it's very simple, invest and also bring along friends to invest it has a profit margin which is paid to you directly when your friends invest and also bring people who invest.
4. How easy and what currencies do they trade with: Sign up resonance account
It's a very easy step to fund your account and withdraw your profit, the currencies to trade is in dollars how ever the below are accepted.
Swift bank Wire transfer.
Perfect Money
5. Are you sure it's not a scam: it's a company who has all you need to know up in the Internet, and you can do every verifications you need to, trust me it's a company I promise you will never regret ever being a part of. Welcome to the money team.
Invest with us
I promise again you will thank me later.
For questions and any help relating to this exciting opportunity, reach out to me via my email,  at anytime of the day.
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