Self hosted WordPress


self hosted WordPress is the best decision you could make when choosing a platform.
When we talk about self hosted WordPress we mean
There are two types of WordPress is just like other blogging platforms like blogger,joomla, typically not the best option when you want to start a free blog,blogger would be perfect choice over free could be divided into 5parts
Free – 
Personal – $36 per year
Premium – $99 per year
Business – $299 per year
VIP – starting at $5000 per month
✓ very limited 
✓they place advert
✓its free 
✓ not allowed to use plugin
✓ not allowed to use premium theme
✓ you re not allowed to use Google analytics
✓not allowed to use JavaScript or other programming languages
✓they delete your website if you violate their terms and conditions
✓ they control your blog
✓ you don't own your blog
✓ footer attribute powered by WordPress will be placed 
✓ can't use your own domain
✓cant make money with free WordPress
 As you can see free has alot of limitations that I wouldn't advice anyone to go for it, except you want a website for your family.
Free WordPress offers 3gb space after exhausting  it they force you to upgrade .
You re restricted from using plugins on your website.ofcurse you can't use plugin on your WordPress website,what's the essence of u having a WordPress website.totally it's rubbish,free WordPress offers you nothing buy limitation.
They place ads on your annoying part of free WordPress they do not allow you to monetize your website instead they place ads on your website you do be generating revenue for them.
Restricted from using plugin you can't customerize your website you are limited in all angles you can't have a professional website with free WordPress,self hosted WordPress is the best
Not allowed to use premium theme.i don't know how to explain these limitations in free can only use the provided free themes you can not upload or use premiumthemes you only use free themes.
Not allowed to use Google analytic & other analytics.logically free WordPress controls your website you will not be allowed to see your website statistics.
It's free? Meaning you re not going to pay for hosting,really good for newbies or anyone who doesn't have intention of making revenue from his website
Free to start no credit card requires to start
Goto and create a free website
Not allowed to use programming languages such as JavaScript,css etc your customerization is limited to only provided tools by can't use third-party scripts or integrate other programming languages.self hosted WordPress is the best 
They delete your website if you violate their terms & conditions.just like Google Adsense freeWordPress is your accuser and your judge.once you go against their policy they will delete your website,meaning you re not in control of your website WordPress owns your site not you.
Just like I have mentioned owns and controls your limited in all angles and can delete your website if you violate their policy 
You don't own your website you re restricted to all their plugins, premium will bearning their you re not allowed to use custom domain name.your website gets deleted if you violate their conditions,they place ads on your website,you can not monetize your website you don't own your website owns it
Footer attribute will put their attribute powered by on your website to show you re on free
Your visitors will not take your website serious or think it's not secured enough to leave their info on your website.your website will not look professional with free tools provided 
Domain name 
You re not allowed to use custom domain name like your own domain name you re only allowed to use subdomain which is WordPress name
This is rubbish  looks irritative, reason you should go for self hosted WordPress
yDon't monetize 
Free WordPress does not allow you to monetize or make money with your website
WordPress will place ads on your website ⛄if you like ,be getting 1m visitors every day you will be making money for WordPress not your self but you can apply for WordPress ads and share revenue with them.
WordPresss personal
WordPress personal is upgrade of free
You re still limited allowed to 50 plugins 
Removed footer attribute powered by WordPress
You get 6gb storage
You can monetize your website 
I don't see much difference between the free and personal WordPress.
Everything on is limited...
WordPress  premium & vip
Well on this plan you get similar of what self hosted WordPress offers.
You re not totally control of your website
Very expensive $299 & $5000  for a year
Allows single site
Not allowed to use all premium plugins & themes 
Offers unlimited bandwidth & storage 
Allows monetization
Allows domain name
WordPress updates your plugins and backups your files automatically
Access to plugins and premium themes 
Why you should go for self hosted WordPress (
Costs lessFree domain nameAccess to pluginsAccess to premium themesYou own your websiteYou re in controlYou can make money with your websiteYou can create any type of website with aka self hosted WordPressYou can create forum website/community Your website is your business
As you can see premium WordPress costs $299 a year with self hosted WordPress AKA you can host any  WordPress site less than $20_50 a year depending on your budget unlike you will need huge amount of money.
Free domain
This is what you will get free unlimited domain depending on your hosting company.companies like bluehost offers unlimited domain.instead of bearing
Your own donain name will be used
Access to plugins gives access to all plugins unlike WordPress.con you re can customize your website to your choice .
Blue host is recommended by WordPress but you can use other host or any host of your choice depending on your budget
Access to premium themes
You re not limited it restricted to premium themes .
Feel free to use any theme of your choice it's your website you re in control
You can create any type of website you re not restricted unlike you re only allowed to create a blog website .with self hosted WordPress you can create any type of  website, e-commerce, portfolio website.
Control & ownership
You re in control of your website you can customize your website to your satisfaction
No hidden restriction you do whatever you like with your website no once it's not illegal 
Make money 
Your WordPress site is your business
You can monetize your website,or sell ads make money with your website.
You re responsible of your back ups and updates.
You re responsible of your website
Time to discuss about about AkA update to
Everything on self hosted WordPress is free .
To host on & get your site you will need a host.typically host is what stores your data and carries your day to day internet activities on server.
Get host from any hosting websites like bluehost,HostGator,ipage etc 
When you purchase host from host authority 
First thing to do is install WordPress
The WordPress you installed is called self hosted WordPress ( only a host hosting site offers you access to 

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