All Network subscription code


All Network subscription code

On today's edition I will be listing out all subscription codes of all Network as much as the cheap subscription code for all Network also, nevertheless this article would help you know any Network subscription code plus their respective prices and bonus.

If you have been spending much on data this could be your redeeming article you never read.
Maybe on several occasions you pay Exclusively on data only to get 1.5gb for 1000
Okay days are gone when we pay so much for data.
In my next article I will be writing on how to get double data on all Nigeria Telecom service provider networks .

Mtn data subscription codes
As we all know mtn is a Telecom service provider owned by SOUTH AFRICA.
Mtn was second Telecom Network to come to Nigeria as am writing this article mtn is the most Telecom Network with highest customers.

Let's look into their subscription codes 
Daily data plan
Weekly data plan
Monthly data plan
Yearly plan

Mtn  daily plan is vaild for 24 hours .this plan is meant for small data consumers who may need to surf the internet with limited data .

Good news is as mtn customer you can subscribe for daily 50mb for just 100 naira vaild for 24 hours eligible on all mtn tarrif plans.
TO SUBSCRIBE MTN DAILY DATA PLAN DIAL *104# or send 104 to 131 on Sms that's all you will be given 50 mb vaild for 24 hours 

Another daily plan is mtn 150mb for 200 vaild for 24hours.another exciting daily data plan from MTN Nigeria
To subscribe for 150 daily  data plan dial*113# & send 113 to 131

Now let's see what mtn has for us on weekly data.
Mtn has only one weekly plan which is 750mb for 2weeks.this plan is equivalent to monthly plan but in the sense that you will pay half of the money for monthly plan.
To subscribe weekly plan data vaild for 2weeks  send 103 to 131

Mtn monly data plan
Haha here comes the ultimate data plan which goes for 1000 for 1.5gb vaild for 30 days 
This is the monthly data plan from MTN Nigeria
subscription codes are 

 106 to 131 for 1.5gb =1000
110 to 131  for 3.5gb =2000
116 to 131 for 10gb =5000
117 to 131 for 22gb =10000

Note you can subscribe to any of the data plan by SMS 
For mtn 6months or 2,3 months data plan 
 133 to 131 for 85gb=50000 vaild 3months
118 to 131 for 50gb= 20000 vaild for 2 months  that's it for now guys let's see what other network has for us.

All Network subscription code

Glo is the master of data,also first Nigeria Telecom Nigeria Network and first Nigeria Network to introduce 3g service.
Glo has the cheapest data rate in Nigeria,not only that glo also offers the biggest data at cheaper rate .
Well to me glo could be the best Network if only they increase their internet speed.
Glo has daily,weekly and monthly data plan,just like other Nigeria Telecom service providers.

Glo has made internet browsing easy and affordable for everyone in Nigeria .
It doesn't really matter which plan you re opt in for,glo is there for you .
You can get 30mb as low as 50 naira daily vaild for 24 hours and it's renewable
To subscribe for daily 50mb for 50 naira 
Send 14 to 127

To subscribe for glo 100mb for 100 naira daily data plan send 51 to 127
To subscribe glo 200 mb for 200 naira send 56 to 127
Note it vailds for 24 hours and it's renewable 
As you may see glo has more daily data plan to other networks

Glo weekly data plan 
Glo weekly plan is like other network monthly plans.glo gives higher data,lucky you if you are in area where glo service is good.
You can get 1.6gb data on glo  for 500 naira vaild for 2weeks to subscribe send 57 to 127 
Glo is there for you whenever you need data to surf the internet.
Glo gives you what other Nigeria Telecom Network providers cannot give you .
Just imagine 10gb for 2500 wow this is awesome 
Let's look into their monthly data plans.

All Network subscription code

Glo monthly data plans 
Their data plan may varies from what Nigeria Telecom Network providers offers you for monthly data .yeah actually glo helps you save money on data .
Let's see what they have in stock for us .
All their monthly data vailds for 30 days 
Glo monthly data plans 
1000 for 3.2gb data  53 to 127
2000 for 7.5gb data 55 to 127
2500 for 10gb data 58 to 127
3000 for 12gb data 54 to 127
4000 for 18gb data 59 to 127
5000 for 24gb data 11 to 127
8000 for 48gb data 12 to 127
15000 for 60gb data 16 to 127
18000 for 90gb data 17 to 127

Vividly glo data plan is quite different from what other network offers you .
Glo offers large data,enough to carry out your internet activities and very affordable compared to 9mobile,mtn and airtel

To me 9mobile is the fastest internet Network provider in Nigeria .their data plans are exclusively expensive not everyone can afford their data,bet me their are the best when it comes to internet speed and downloading.
You can download 1gb file in less than 9mins with 9mobile 
9mobile daily data plans
10mb for 50 *229*3*8#.
50mb for 100*229*3*1#

9mobile weekly data plans
200mb for 200 naira*229*2*10#
2gb for 1000*229*3*12#
5gb for 2000*229*3*13#

Note weekly data only works on weekend 

 9mobile monthly data
1000 naira for 1gb *229*2*7#
1,200 naira for 1.5gb*229*2*25#
2000 naira for 2.5g*229*2*8#
3,500 naira for 5gb*229*2*26#
8,000 naira for 11.5gb*229*2*5#
10,000 naira for 15gb*229*4*1#
18,000 naira for 27.5gb*229*4*3#
All 9mobile monthly data vailds for 30 days only 

3_12 months data subscription

27,000 naira for 30gb *229*5*1#
55,000 naira for 60gb *229*5*2#
84,992 naira for 100gb *229*4*5#
110,000 naira for 120gb *229*5*3#

What9mobile offers you is different from what other networks offer you.
Maybe because of their fast internet speed,yeah quite expensive not everyone can really afford their data.
Their internet speed is very fast and enjoyable

With this code*400# you  will be given 160mb to  browse the internet free for 30days 
Let's look into their main data plans 

AIRTEL NIGERIA daily data plans
100mb for 100 naira*410#
200mb for 200 naira *412#
5mb for 25 naira*401#

Airtel Nigeria weekly data plans
350mb for 300naira *417#
750mb for 500 naira*418#

Airtel has 2g pack  unlimited for 25 days.
Initially it was 30 days .
This 2g package works only on 2g Network and doesn't work with 3gb Network 
You can only enjoy this offer on 2g Network,works on all mobile phone & pc 
You can activate this package by dialing*482*1# for 200 naira only 

Airtel monthly data plans 

1000 for 1.5gb  *496#
2000 for 3.5gb*437#
3500 for 7.5gb*438#
5000 for 12gb*452#
4000 for 9gb*438*1#

Here's the full list of data subscription in Nigeria.

I am tmerlin a tech lover