Best android HD games


I'm a gamer I can't live without game yeah I took out time to research vividly and came up with best android HD games.

When we talk about android games,we mean games that look like PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 and x-box one.
Nowadays android developers have increased android phone ram to 8gb,though its way expensive but I'm pretty sure any android phone ranging from 4gbram to 8gb can play almost all the android games on the internet.
When we talk about about phones,we meant phones like Samsung, xioami,gionee,Sony,Nokia,one plus etc that has snapdrogon cortex processors can play any PlayStation games if authorized 

Android gaming programmers and companies had gone extreme to develop similitude games like PlayStation and Xbox on android 
Phones .

Graphics matters in gaming 
People like me don't play low graphics game.
I do pay $500 on HD GAME because it worth paying 

Here are my picks 

The walking dead 
Wolf among us 
Game of the throne 
Mortal combat x
Injustice gods
GTA sa
Gang star Vegas 
Gangstar Orleans
God fire
Wwe immortals
Wwe 2k16
Need for speed
Half life
Wolf among us
Game of the throne 
Galaxy of stars marvel 
Batmal telltale

There are many of em I didn't include 

You can my previous post I listed almost all the best games on android

I am tmerlin a tech lover