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this is the first time I'm hosting url reviews because of numerous questions I'm getting from bloggers. there are some blogger's problems that needs urgent reassessment evaluation.
I and my colleagues will be answering any questions related to blogging and reviewing of URL .this could be a way of getting back links .

A good website is totally useless without a good design.you may have a good seo but poor design chases your readers away from coming back to your website.
Your blog may be a technology blog but you re using entertainment theme, you blog or forum may have good design but not unique, you may have a good design but bad navigation, bad logo,bad layout ,not mobile friendly etc
There are somethings that kills our blog but we don't know, for instance if your blog is slow in loading I bet you,you would lose some of your visitors,if you are not using responsive theme/template ,if your website is not mobile friendly,if your website and contents are not well optimized definitely you are going to lose your visitors,I really hate sites that sucks mb.

Also copying of other's design or cloning popular themes is not good,you can be unique in your own way,many blogger do copy and paste which is bad for their reputation.

I'will review all the URLS that will be dropped in comment section,make sure to include description of your website.
You can write down your blogging problems/challenges/queries  along with your URL for reviews 

Your blog must be frequently updated,drop only active links for reviews don't forget to ask your blogging problems if there 's any.

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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For free natural home made remedies as well as medicinal benefits of common herbs & spices.

Kindly review : Low traffic

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www.nairatechs.com.ng newly launch just yesterday with the aim of bringing out the latest Android tricks, tech updates, latest working free browsing cheat and lots more

Hi your site is well organized with good contents,theme is perfect ,background is okay.I'm rating it 57% because you don't have logo placed on your header,you don't have footer attributes like privacy policy/ disclaimer, about us .
Upload your blog logo after your header and include privacy policy .

As for traffic take your time and read this article ,drive traffic to your website


I love this blog its well executed,nothing lacks in this blog so I'm rating it 98%

One thing that your blog lacks is keywords, try using keywords in all your blog posts your contents are well optimized keep it and all the best .

By now you should know its bad not to have a logo on your site your site is not well optimized,include share buttons if you want to get more traffic from social media again remove your footer links it doesn't look professional,keywords not found in any of your posts ,work on your navigation too .
Totally rating design is okay so,
I'm rating it 48%

This blog has everything except domain name.
Purchase domain name so people will take your blog serious.I'm rating it 90%

Blogging is a serious issue,this blog was last updated on October.blogs are regularly updated take it,you don't use sub domain get a domain and take your blog serious so I'm rating it 25%

Your blog is okay but has poor design theme not suitable for blognews,blog not regularly updated,tags misplaced so I'm raying it 60%
Try and make some changes
Happy blogging

Hello sir,your blog is well executed but it lacks navigation so adjust your navigation.
I'm rating your blog 90%
Happy blogging

Blogging is a serious issue,this blog was last updated on October.blogs are regularly updated take it,you don't use sub domain get a domain and take your blog serious so I'm rating it 25%

My blog is for inspiration and to empower people going through their day to day life challenges. I would appreciate a review and some feedback on my blog. Thank you in advance.


That's my site and my problem is that my AdSense is approved but not fully.. Can you tell me why?


After visiting your blog,honestly I'm pleased
But your blog lacks optimization, and an empty banner.work on your site speed and responsiveness your site scores 82/100%

Hi your blog is perfect ,well designed and optimized. Our ads placement and everything is perfect except logo please get logo for your site .you score 90℅

Hi would you please retype your URL and don't put www
It seems yourvurl is been detected as spam thank you and happy blogging

Hi yes your site is okay but has less contents no logo not well arranged.I would suggest you work on your design as for your AdSense not designing maybe google put your ads on holds because of insufficient contents or your ads could be suspebded.
Wait for some days and while waiting please make sure you add more posts to your blog .
Your ads would be reinstated

I visited your blog and I will say you are doing great.
Your lacks the following logo and comment.
I will score you 89%

Blogging is a serious business or serious people so get a domain and stop using free domain

Hi your blog is perfect and we'll organised.
I will score you 98%

Hi Tellheart,

I've nominated you for the Sunshine award. Here is a link to my post on your nomination, rules, and questions: https://www.ivasays.com/sunshine-blogger-award-2018/

Howdy everyone TechzBot was left behind but any ways it pleases me reaching on this post.
You guys can review me @

👉👉 https://TechzBot.com/?m=1

Though am not good at seo but am actually trying my best in learning the core basics of seo to meet up my goal.

Note: Am ever ready to learn, please do let me know if any of you guys can help out.

Regards... and much 💝💗

This is amazing. You are so sweet! Here is mine: https://thedailysunlight.blogspot.ca/

It is so great that you are doing this. Thanks and good luck! :)

Wow what an honour.
Thank you for nominating my blog I never expected this but I'm gladly I'm glad to be nominated by your company. Please keep visiting my blog

Hello seems your blogging is still at developing stage. Kindly change your theme put a better theme, get a logo include navigation and labels.I score you 30% happy blogging

Hello sorry your URL is not found

If there's any way we can assist you to help bring your site back kindly use contact us box thank you and happy blogging

Hi dear your blog is absolutely fascinating nice theme, well optimized really amazing and worth bookmarking . I think your blog only lack privacy policy and disclaimer please adjust it I'm scoring you 98% happy blogging and all the best

oh no! Your URL says not found kindly get a domain alright and happy blogging

Again avoid free domains like freenom its better you stick with subdomains. Let us know if you need our help

Nice blog perfectly designed. good to visit your site again you really doing good keep it up and all the best

Check www.trendytechbuzz.com your no tech blog !

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