Earn money online without investment online jobs


online job is very common these days,its something everyone should engage in.
nevertheless we are in modern world,where we have equipments and machines to get our job done.
You can make money with your phone,table and computer right from home without any investment.

In this post is a detailed ways to make money online without investment.
This days getting a job could be headache even when you have a certificate.
I'm a blogger I know how much I make a month by placing ads on my blog.

If you are really interested I'm making money online without any investment then engage your something with something.

All  bloggers,social medias are still part of online job.
Use the time you spend on social networks and turn it into money.
You too can stay at home and make money.

If you can work hard,you should be sure of $$ at end of the month.
Even unskilled people can also make money online.
Let's look into some possible ways of making money online 
There are so many opportunities online to make money and many companies are ready to pay$ for working with them or complete some certain task .

Though finding the right legit paying online job could be difficult,what some companies pay doesn't really worth all your strength, nevertheless there are still legit online job sites that still pay.

Possible ways to make money online 

  1. Blogging 
Bloging is just a way of publishing blog post. Blogging have been in existence for decade now,well not everyone was into blogging but nowadays people are rushing into blogging especially the youths.
Quite interesting people have finally realized blogging is an open opportunity of making money online.
 Top5 bloggers in the world earns less than $100,000 that's the lowest they earn every month.
Blogging is an opportunity for everyone who wants to make money online 
The harder you work the more money you will make

2. Click ads/ link shortener 
Click ads is one popular online job anyone can engage him/ herself 
Though I don't really like this method,I prefer google AdSense over click ads/link shorteners.
Click ads are very common,earning isn't that much but worth trying.
Actually adverting companies are ready to pay you by clicking ads / getting others to click on your ads.
Some pay per click advertising companies have fixed price for amounted clicks.
Some are paying $10 for getting 1k clicks while some pay lower than $5 
But top advertising companies such as Google AdSense, media pays  higher.
1000 clicks could fetch your thousands of dollar.
They are pay per click websites you can register with and start making money right on your phone ,no investment.
3. Affiliate marketing
One of the best online job so far,you can engage your self with affiliate companies by signing up with an affiliate website and run affiliate for them.
Affiliate is an alternative to pay per click advertising companies.
Use your affiliate link get people registered under you,get people click on your affiliate link and get paid/ commission whenever you sell any goods or refer others to your affiliate company.

 4. Earn free bitcoin
We all know how much 1.00000 worth in market.bitcoin is a digital money also convertible to paper money.
I'm also bitcoin earner,there are several legit websites to earn free bitcoin by completing some certain task and get paid directly into your bitcoin wallet.
You can also min bitcoin for people and get commison in return
A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work

How to get paid Bitcoin for freelance ?
There is a platform where you offer your freelancing skills and get paid bitcoin for them which go directly to your Bitcoin wallet.
You can do freelancing in other fields 

6. Earn money from youtube 
The highest YouTube earner,earns $16m every year.
You tube is a legit way of making money online.
Start earning money from YouTube by posting videos on YouTube.
The harder you work,your chances of achieving your goals.

7.online tutor  
You can become an online tutor,there are many places you can fix your self as an online tutor.
You can teach students or group of people online and get paid for your service.

8.content writer 
Many websites and bloggers are ready to spend money on content writers.
Content writing doesn't require much stress,if you are talented in writing this could be your opportunity to earn money online without Investing 

9. Online consultant 
You can make money online by working as an online agent.
Instance you can create a forum where you give marriage counseling,you can also work as visa agent there are many places you can work as an o line consultant and earn money online

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10.web & application development 
We are in technology world 
Not everyone have coding knowledge and not everyone can afford company service 
If you have coding knowledge here's an opportunity for you,companies can employ you,you work as a security agent,web maintainer for them and earn money.
You can also be a free agent you find clients online who needs your service and get paid online .

11.photo design 
Hello are you a photo designer,are you good in Maya,Photoshop,are you good in graphics,can you cartoon very well?
Do you know you can make money online with any of these skills.
Gaming companies are ready to pay millions to their graphics designers,cartoonists search for gaming websites and get your self employed and start earning money with your skills.

12. Android paying apps 
There are apps on play store that pays when you complete a survey or a task
I encourage everyone to get himself/herself occupied with any paying online job.its obvious we are winding away our time online making money for others.

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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