Free bitcoin

Have you ever wondered or thought of earning free Bitcoin without any investment.
We are in world of digital money­čĺ░where you can invest more & less and make profit from your investment.

I don't know if you are among the people who believe minning is not meant for Android,yes I totally believe that,but in a second thought we could be mistaken.

I'm not professional in Bitcoin or digital money but one thing I'm sure of,90% of  earning free Bitcoin websites are scam
I had tried alot of free earning Bitcoin websites, couldn't earn single 0000000btc from any of them.

After viewing ads and completing tasks,requested for payment,wait till enternity and got nothing at the end.
I can't really say for sure,if there's any legitimate website to earn free Bitcoin,though I'm not certain,came across some Bitcoin apps I'm still trying to see if I would get paid after completing their task when i reach required Satoshi.
Yeah most Bitcoin websites are not what they claim.

There's this app I want to talk about,maybe you might have heard about it "slidecoin" 
As much you are desperate to earn free Bitcoin,slide coin actually pays.

I know trading and investing in Bitcoin is the best option not quite sure I'm really new in digital money and Bitcoin,would be nice if we share ideas and learn from each other 

Really?not everyone has Bitcoin to trade or invest.
I know I'm sounding weird, honestly not everybody has money to buy Bitcoin and trade
People like me loves free stuffs, though I'm not depending on free Bitcoin,will invest as soon I made enough bitcoins.

99% of free Bitcoin earning websites always force you to complete surveys before you could get paid.

Come to think of it,all this faucet website are using us? They are paid millions while they pay us penny for our time .

Let's talk about slidecoin

Slide coin is free minning earning Bitcoin app.slidecoin is absolutely free,no investment no ads no survey 

What's slidecoin its free earning Bitcoin app on playstore that pays you for using their app either as messenger or slide you will be rewarded satoshi which can be withdrawn as Bitcoin
There's no thresold here you can withdraw your satoshi at any time.
You can earn countless satoshi a day 
Though their earning won't make you a millionaire same time worth trying

Another good feature of slide coin is you get 50% of your referral earnings wow it's incredible right? Yeah go ahead and earn unlimited bitcoin with slidecoin 

Features of slid coin
No ads
No survey
No stress 
It's free
Earning is awesome
It's free
No investment
Unlimited stoshi
50℅ commission 
10℅ inceptive 
No withdraw limit 
Payment 2-3 mins 

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Download slidecoin on playstore and start earning free bitcoin 

Payment doesn't take up to 5mins
You can request for payment at any given time.
Open your slidecoin app register and start earning refer your friends and earn 50% if whatever they are earning .
Great commission right?sounds worth giving a chance .
Somehow you are making no money with your android phone if you have installed slidecoin on your device. 
Not bad you can earn upto 500$ daily,depending on how you use your device offten and those that signed through you 

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Kindly leave us a comment and share your thought  with us. If you know any legitimate way to earn bitcoin, would be nice if you share with us.
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Guys slidecoin really pays let's give it a chance,slidecoin doesn't take much space in your phone,doesnt require surveys or display ads or force you to complete some tasks. 
It's absolutely free, just install it and use it as slide you never know you can earn  more than you expected. 
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Slidecoin doesn't have withdraw limit, you cash out at any desire time 
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I am tmerlin a tech lover