Free USA number for WhatsApp


Free USA number for WhatsApp 

Hi everyone my name is Bernard,today's article is based on free USA number.
As we all know the importance of having a working USA number,especially when you are not living in USA.
I have done several research on how to get a working USA number. 
The truth is you can get a USA working number which would not work on WhatsApp 
They are apps in play store that gives free USA numbers.
The question is how do you use it on WhatsApp?
They are still apps in play store that gives working USA number when you buy a number from them.
Let's look into some free platforms that gives free USA number such as Google voice.

Google voice is an app designed for people in USA as a telecom number
This Google voice app service is only allowed to only USA citizens .
If you are living outside USA Google voice is not going to work for you,because it requires verification before using Google's voice USA number app.
Google voice is a free giving USA number with millions of USA numbers and states.
One disadvantage of google voice its not universal.

Okay let's look into other platforms such as 
Nextplus ?
Next plus is an iPhone app,inbuilt with iPhone.
This app is similar to google voice its not universal,allocated to USA residentials and iPhone users  .

Textplus is a clone of TextNow or next plus 
One thing about text plus is it gives free USA number not only giving you USA number it gives Canada,UK,Netherlands, Russia etc numbers 

Mj connect 
I love this app it does exactly what it promises though its not free 
Text now is one of the best app that gives free USA number and other countries number free though you will be required to buy numbers if you want more than one number. 
Text now is located in USA,of course for free texts,free USA number and calls 
This app is not universal its meant for USA residentials only .

All above mentioned apps can be used to receive calls,free international numbers and free text messages.

It won't be easy to access these apps when living outside USA nevertheless I figured out a working way of getting free USA number and connecting it to your WhatsApp 

I will be using textnow to illustrate on how to get working USA number for WhatsApp 

Before I proceed this tutorial is for the benefit of the reader ,shouldn't be misused for any other purpose except good purposes and I'm not responsible for any bad conduct of this tutorial.

All this above mentioned apps are very sensitive and traces ip,for you to use any of these apps you must use a VPN make sure your location is USA 
Download text now from playstore, use VPN to sign up and get a free USA number.

Now the question is,how to use the number you have gotten on WhatsApp?
It's simple all you need to do is,install WhatsApp on your device android/iOS/computer
After installing WhatsApp turn off your device,remove both your simcards.

The reason why you need to remove both simcards are because whatsapp uses IP and will detect your IP,location, sim provider etc and would block your USA number.

You need WiFi to set up your working USA number for WhatsApp.

After removing both simcards make sure you have a WiFi connection 
Turn your device on,connect it to a WiFi launch your WhatsApp enter your USA number,confirmation code would be sent to your text now app open it and enter the code sent to you by WhatsApp 
Congratulations your USA number is now connected to WhatsApp 

Please note for no reason should you use this tutorial for harm.
Please leave your comments .

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Plss can you help me with a USA number for whatsapp

Hi yes I can help you with free USA numb
First read this post again a d let me know where you are puzzled