How to hack android games and online game servers


Cracking online games could be worrisome, this is something we spent hectic time infuriating,well all hope is not lost.
On today's article I'm going to teach necessary ways you can cheat online games.
You can only achieve your goals through PC help or android apps.before we go further would like to make something clear about online games.

Everyday one technology or other is been invented I could remember back then when android came out newly it was easy to get any game cheated because it was an offline server game,they don't track your online activities or what you do with their game that varies from online game.
Nawadays no gaming companies would make offline games for us,why because we cheated on the ones they had made.All the gaming companies came up with the idea of online game for mobile devices ,only few gaming companies like telltale games are still making offline games but this time around you must purchase all their game episodes and cannot cheat like before.

What does online game stands for?it stands for server,you know what server means.
When gaming companies came up with online games we gamers did not like the idea .
Almost all the best games on the internet are playing online .
Pes 2018,fifa18 etc they all play online .

You hardly cheat in online games because they uses cookies and monitors all your activities, you could get banned when tried to cheat.

Here are apps that breaks into any android game servers.

1.  Hackbot / free finder
this is the best offline cracking game engine the problem with free finder is you hardly find a legitimate websites to download the real modes apks.a lot of scam websites/fake websites promising to have original cracked apk after spending couple of hours doing surveys etc you would end up with nothing .finding a free finder could be difficult but trust me this of one of free methods to cheat any online game,some free finders,crack through your game number but finding the real site is not easy.this cheat works for PC games too

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2.     freedom apk
is one of the popular apk we use  in purchasing or getting free coins.this app is not only used for game cracking you can also use it in your other apps to get things free both online/ offline the app is quite amazing doesn't require root but cannot crack everything but can get the job done in almost 86% of android apps/ games .its also used to purchase things free in any online store too I'm recommending this app.

3.     Lucky patcher
Is one of the best and popularly app used for cheating games,stores and apps.if you don't have this app probably you are new to android though it requires root access to use but does what it says .I had this app I know exactly how it works ? This app is similar to freedom app superior to freedom app.if you don't have this app you are really missing alot though cannot crack all online Gamez especially the ones that uses server .

4.SB game hacker
this is way better off to other online hacking apps.this app does exactly what it says but difficult to use because its like a keyboard and requires specific numbers,symbols and alphabets  to crack into online server .have used it several times won't say its the best coz of it difficulties but delivers pretty good without attracting ban

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5.Game keyword hack
 this app works almost like sb the name sounds its a keyboard,can crack into server if you know the numbers/alphabets and symbols to input ,works but not really the best .

6.  Game guardian
this is another game cracking app mostly used by Android users.this app is only meant for game cracking unlike other apps that works on apps and games .people still use this app though it really does what it says especially online games.this app is way better to get your online games cheated if you use it effectively.

I am tmerlin a tech lover