How to recover deleted app or uninstalled app


how to recover deleted apps & unistalled apps on android .
hi everyone im bernard an android developer.
On today's edition I teach how to recovery deleted or uninstalled android apps or iPhone may have lost several important apps & games because you thought there's no way out .

Nevertheless in technology which we are living in,made it clear everything is possible in world of technology .

There are several ways we lose or accidentally deleted our apps unknowingly.
  • Some anti virus we installed on our device,has the right to modify or delete other applications.
  • We lose apps by uninstalling them
  • We lose apps when we delete them 
  • We lose apps that are not licensed
 There are many ways to lose application.

We should be mindful of type of anti virus we install in our devices .as for me I don't use anti virus because many of these anti virus are virus themselves while some slows down phone and some d delete apps found hazardous to the system.

Android or iPhone app cannot recovery your deleted or uninstalled apps.
The only possible way of recovering deleted app is through PC.

Every device has internal storage(recovery storage) that we cannot see but do exist .
The work of recovery storage is to store all deleted files from our device but data may be lost if overwrite .

What is overwriting storage ?
The internal storage provided by any android and iPhone manufacturers may not be sufficient to store all our deleted files .
Example if my device recovery storage is 40gb I deleted files worth of 45gb if I'm to recover my deleted files definitely I will lose some files because it has been overwrite.

There are other methods to recover deleted apps but I will show you one method.

To recover deleted or uninstalled applications & games on any device
You will need to install remo recover software for android and iOS on a PC
Connect your device to PC run your installed remo recover software 
You will see all the options like recover data,recover uninstall apps etc 
You can also locate a folder where you want to recover your deleted apps.

Note remo recover software is not only used  for application recovery ,it can be used to recover all delete files .

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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