How to recover deleted photos/videos and mp3


As you can see we have covered a lot in my previous post .
Today's edition will be how to recover deleted medias .
I'm going to show you how to recover deleted medias on all platforms,android,iOS,PC etc 
After reading this post,you should be able to know how to recover deleted or lost media files .
Media files includes music/song,videos/photps etc 

There are many ways you can lose your media files .

  • Formated device
  • Corrupt SD card
  • Accidentally deleted
  • Hidden media 
Doesn't matter how you lose your media files,what really matters is how you are going to recover them.

Media files are very important and makes life enjoyable .
Your videos,photos and music are important
It would be bad if you keep losing your songs/videos /photos
its very bad right?

There are several ways of recovering lost medias videos/songs/ photos on android,PC etc with your android device 

To recover your deleted medias on android you will need to install some android media recovering apps,make sure your phone is rooted.

Recover deleted videos / photos and music 
Goto play store install this app,its designed to restore all deleted videos and music on any android device.

Photo video recovery 
This app is superb its very fast in recovering deleted photos and videos 

Dumpster is very friendly recovering android app.dumpster can recover almost all your deleted photos,the app is very useful make sure your device is rooted.
Goto play store and install android dumpster photo recover 

Mobisaver oh! My god this app is a killer app,does exactly what it says .
With mobile saver you can recover your deleted photos/videos  and apps without PC 
One click can recover back all your photos and videos 
Its an offline app doesn't require internet connection.
Super easy and friendly 

How to recover your deleted photos and videos on PC 
Have shown you how to recover your media files on android now I'm going to show you how you cab recover your deleted medias on your computer using my file recover software.

My file recover is a PC software developed for recovering of media files 
My file recover is a free software developed for windows 
Install my file recover software on your pc then connect your phone to your computer 
Start my file recover and click on the format you want to recover and wait for it to recover back all your deleted media files .

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