Ntel Nigeria network has unleashed unlimited night browsing on their network.
Ntel Nigeria came out last year been 2016 with 4g service,though this service is not extended to all Nigeria states.

4g service is no1 fastest network/service in Nigeria and in the whole world.
2016 was an exciting year,with airtel,mtn and 9mobile  releasing night plan subscription as low as 25 naira for 500.
The good news is things are changing in Nigeria with telecommunication providers.

Ntel was the first network to introduce unlimited data plan in Nigeria and 4g service.
Ntel have introduced a new data plan called unlimited night plan,this plan is unlimited from 10pm-6am 
Honestly this could be the best plan so far,because its unlimited plus its 4gb network,no data cap its unlimited.

I tried their night plan I was able to use 700gb which is approximate to 500,000 if to be converted to other Nigeria networks 
This is best data plan from ntel compared to their monthly and daily data plans 

Well this plan again may not favour everyone, if you are not a heavy downloader.
Ntel night plan is meant for heavy downloaders ,I suggest if you only want to stream or browse at night do use other networks like mtn or airtel but if you are going to download heavy files use Ntel unlimited night data plan.

1. N500 - Unlimited 
10pm-6am Validity 2days
2. N1500 - Unlimited 
10pm-6am Validity 7days
3. N5000 - Unlimited 
10pm-6am Validity 30days

I know the price is way too much but again worth it.according to Ntel this plan is for just short period of time,so you heavy downloaders get ready to download whatever you want from now to march 2018,ntel may decide to terminate the servicr after march.

Conclusion this is good for heavy downloaders and worth giving a try since its 4g service .

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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