Recover deleted files


hi on todays article i will show you how to recover deleted files .
your files include games,application, mp3,video, PDF,message/ contacts .
Well this post covers everything you need to know on how to recover deleted files .
To recover your deleted files yor phone must be rooted.


Your contacts are your family/ friends 
Our contacts are part of our daily to day value.
Contacts are just like family you can't do without them.
Its very important to always back up your contacts or use contact backup app to back up your contacts and avoid loss of contacts 

Some times we accidentally delete our contacts unknowingly,some times they got deleted by an anti virus or other apps 
Some times when we change simcard or phone that can cause loss of contacts 

Doesn't mater how you lose your contacts the gooodnews is you can still recover your contacts after losing them right on your device without computer 

They are some android apps in  play store that are capable of restoring back deleted contacts such apps require root access to execute some certain taxs.

Backup and restore app
This app is capable of restoring back your deleted contacts.
Yeah there are other restoring apps in play store only few apps can actually restore back deleted contacts 
To be frank with you I have used backup and restore app,very simple and does what it says.
To use this app you may need root access .
App is simple install and run wait for few mins to recover back all your loss contacts 

Media files 

Media files includes music/song,videos etc 

There are many ways you can lose your media files .

  • Formated device
  • Corrupt SD card
  • Accidentally deleted
  • Hidden media 
Doesn't matter how you lose your media files,what really matters is how you are going to recover them.

Media files are very important and makes life enjoyable .
Your videos and music are important
It would be bad if you keep losing your songs/videos / photos
its very bad right?

There are several ways of recovering lost medias videos/songs/ photos on android,PC etc with your android device 
To recovery your deleted medias on android you will need to install some android media recovering apps,make sure your phone is rooted.

Recover deleted videos and music 
Goto play store install this app,its designed to restore all deleted videos and music on any android device.

Photo video recovery 
This app is superb its very fast in recovering deleted photos and videos 

Dumpster is very friendly recovering android app.dumpster can recover almost all your deleted photos,the app is very useful make sure your device is rooted.
Goto play store and install android dumpster photo recover 
Mobisaver oh! My god this app is a killer app,does exactly what it says .
With mobi saver you can recover your deleted photos and apps without PC 
One click can recover back all your photos and videos 
Its an offline app doesn't require internet connection.
Super easy and friendly 

How to recover your deleted photos and videos on PC 
Have shown you how to recover your media files on android now I'm going to show you how you can recover your deleted medias on your computer using my file recover software.

My file recover is a PC software developed for recovering of media files 
My file recover is a free software developed for windows 
Install my file recover software on your pc then connect your phone to your computer 
Start my file recover and click on the format you want to recover and wait for it to recover back all your deleted media files .

How to recover deleted & uninstalled applications

Nevertheless in technology which we are living in,made it clear everything is possible in world of technology .

There are several ways we lose or accidentally deleted our apps unknowingly.
  • Some anti virus we installed on our device,has the right to modify or delete other applications.
  • We lose apps by uninstalling them
  • We lose apps when we delete them 
  • We lose apps that are not licensed
 There are many ways to lose application.

We should be mindful of  type of anti virus we install in our devices .as for me I don't use anti virus because many of these anti virus care virus themselves while some slows down phone and some d delete apps found hazardous to the system.

Android or iPhone app cannot recovery your deleted or uninstalled apps.
The only possible way of recovering deleted app is through PC.

Every device has internal storage(recovery storage) that we cannot be seen or make use of it but do exist .
The work of recovery storage is to store all deleted files from our device but data may be lost if overwrite .

What is overwriting storage ?
The internal storage provided by any android and iPhone manufacturers may not be sufficient to store all our deleted files .
Example if my device recovery storage is 40gb I deleted files worth of 45gb if I'm to recover my deleted files definitely I will lose some files because it has been overwrite.

There are other methods to recover deleted apps but I will show you one method.

To recover deleted or uninstalled applications & games on any device
You will need to install remo recover software for android and iOS on a PC
Connect your device to PC run your installed remo recover software 
You will see all options like recover data,recover uninstall apps etc 
You can also locate a folder where you want to recover your deleted apps.
Note remo recover software is not only used for application recovery ,it can be used to recover all delete files .

How to recover deleted messages
What would you do if you accidentally deleted your messages.
Well its recoverable on PC and also on android .
If you ever accidentally deleted your messages,you shouldn't panic,after reading this post  you should be able to recover all your deleted text messages if you haven't flashed or formated your device.

How to recover deleted messages

There are several methods to recover deleted files on android without PC.
For recovering text messages goto play store and download
smsbackup & restore
SMS backup+
Gt sms recovery

Above mentioned apps are android apps designed for restoration of lost & deleted text messages.
Goto play store download any of these apps,install and run the app,it would take few mins to restore back all your loss or deleted SMS messages back to your phone.

The app needs root authorization 
Its advicable to always back up your text messages 

Let's see how to recover text messages on iPhone 
Well iPhone is quite different from android 
Apple phone  has  back up option that backups your files to icloud unlike android that back up images,videos,apps etc to google drive.

If you accidentally deleted your text messages & lost your text messages during update,all you need to do is connect your phone to PC 

Well all hope is not lost yet ,install enigma recovery software on your PC
Recover all your lost WhatsApp chats,text messages, contacts etc 
There's another way to recover deleted SMS on iPhone 
Goto appstore and download SMS backup and restore for iphone
Install and run the app wait for few mins to restore all deleted or lost messages back to your device 

I am tmerlin a tech lover