Start a YouTube channel and earn money through YouTube


As we all know,YouTube is owned and managed by google team.
YouTube could be one of the simplest way to make money online without much stress.
Many people are trooping into youtube, because its an opportunity provided to us by the giant company (google).

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Many youtubers who started youtube at early kick off are way millionaires today.
Mr pewdodie is a YouTube channel owner,specializes in video games, he's currently among the top YouTube earners .
Pewdodie earns 12 million dollars annually from YouTube,this is some thing everyone who wants to make money  online should engage himself in YouTube.

YouTube is an online streaming content and a video store. Its currently the best online video streaming of our era.
You tube gets more than 5.9billion views every day,which makes it way better for you tubers.

YouTube is an online video streaming community, where people uploads free videos and get paid for people to view it.

There are really a lot of ways to make money off YouTube,before considering going into you tube,you should also take note your earnings depends on your effort, time and views .

making money with youtube doesn't require certificate or special skills,anyone can 
Make money from YouTube,skilled & unskilled  by creating  youtube account and channel on

Goto create a YouTube account note this is the first step to take,after creating YouTube account.
What's next ?

1. Know your gathering of people and remain over patterns.

When beginning a YouTube mark, it's imperative to know your market. This implies reliably interfacing with your watchers - in the remarks area, for example. Phan says she now and then awakens as ahead of schedule as 5:30 am to peruse (and in this manner react to) remarks on her own YouTube channel.

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That requires remaining over patterns and the more extensive online networking zeitgeist. Phan urges her system of more than 10,000 vloggers to push out substance on new stages, including YouNow, Meerkat and Periscope, in discussion with their prior YouTube channels.

2. Put in (a ton) of time.

In the good 'ol days, both Phan and Kjellberg quit their prior responsibilities regarding center their endeavors around YouTube. Phan left her activity as a server in 2008 so she could invest more energy taping in her school apartment.

Kjellberg, who was examining designing at the regarded Chalmers College of Innovation in Gothenberg, dropped out of school and started working at a wiener stand. "I was the most joyful I was around then, since I was at long last doing what I needed to do, and the way that I could make recordings was a great deal more vital to me," he reviewed in a recent video.

Phan gauges that a straightforward three-minute clasp can take upwards of four to five days to shoot, join, and refine.

3. Keep the showcasing dialect to a base.

Content makers are best when they're being true, or when their recordings aren't perused as publicizing.

"The motivation behind why individuals cherish the Web to such an extent... is that they have an inclination that they're picking up something, and nobody is extremely attempting to offer them anything," Phan said.

This is a troublesome adjust to strike, seeing that numerous makers have inked supports with brands, and might offer item by implication. It's imperative that YouTube vloggers just work with organizations they feel particularly energetic about, she says.

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It's additionally imperative to pick your accomplices precisely. Ensure you both offer the general vision for the channel and brand. Kjellberg keeps things fair by declining to enlist a supervisor to enable him to produce more recordings, including the point that his fans couldn't care less about how "fantastic" his recordings are.

"The way that individuals know it's simply me making the recordings - with no group - has turned out to be a triumphant idea," he said. "The thing that has made YouTube so fruitful is that you can identify with the general population you're viewing to a considerably higher degree than to the general population you see on television."

4. Examination inside your topic.

In spite of the fact that Phan sticks to cosmetics instructional exercises, she figured out how to explore early and regularly, showing watchers how to apply a facemask made of kitty litter, for example, or to accomplish the exemplary "Woman Gaga" look. "It [video production] is for unadulterated experimentation or imagination," Phan says.

Kjellberg by and large posts recordings of himself playing computer games, and shouting at the screen, yet in some cases he'll post cuts in discussion with his better half, Marzia Bisognin, who passes by the nom de plume CutiePieMarzia.

5. Go up against long haul organizations, instead of here and now sponsorships.

Be careful about going up against sponsorships, and ensure what you offer is remarkably in accordance with your image. "Rather than simply pondering sponsorship, where it's so here and now, consider associations," said Phan.

A more extended term manage a trusted retailer may at last add up to more dollars (and more watchers), than a specially appointed arrangement.

More Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Youtube Channel & Making Cash On It.

Thinking of a name:

Thinking of a name is tuff, But not that tuff. As you know I heaved changed my channel name like 3 times because it doesn’t fits my uploads.  

A perfect name for a channel is to start with what your you want your channel to be based on. And if you know you will not be able meet up then make a crazy name like mine.  This way u can post any thing.

Creating a logo:

In creating a logo there are things you need to know but before that you need to know what a logo is. LOGO is an art used in identifying a particular things it also called Branding. Apps needed in creating a logo on android >>>photo lab & logo maker etc.. While for PC users>>> corel draw, Photoshop ,etc. this should solve your logo problem.

Creating Thumbnails:

Before we talk about creating thumbnails let know what thumbnails are?. Thumbnail are the video cover images that are shown of every YouTube video which attract the eyes of the viewers to enable them watch it. Never omit or neglect the work of thumbnail.

Create a fascination Thumbnail that will attract the eyes to go into your channel and see what's there And more.

To create a thumbnail apps you need >> recommended pixel lab , thumbnail maker.etc

While for pc users >>> Photoshop, corel draw, Tube-buddy(#the best).

Creating a channel Art:
Creating your channel is not a big deal first create a brand account. To create a brand account click here. After creating your brand account your create your channel. Now creating your channel art it a very easy task but before I let you know the things required for creating a channel art, you need to know what a YouTube channel art is? A channel art is the large wallpaper at the back of your logo.  See below

It helps to make your channel more attractive and wanting more people to subscribe. It also shares more information to know where your other social medias are. It also allow the viewers to know when the next upload of your video is coming up that if your videos are based on schedule

Creating your channel art is not big deal ,APP FOR PC USERS'Photoshop , lightroom' etc..Android users.... pixel lab, photo studio, youtube  thumbnail maker....etc


One thing most of us lack when streaming youtube videos is that we dont look at the description....... do you know 82% of the video info are found in the descriptions.

Create intro
After that create an intro for your channel not for videos
then you can start creating you videos. but note create play list on specific video almost like learn more about creating intros search

This is what you have been waiting to hear 'monetization'monetization on YouTube is same way as monetization on website.
Like I said earlier YouTube is owned by google and google AdSense is best monetization company.
Monetizing YouTube channel is not difficult as Google made it easy on your YouTube channel setting,there's monetization button just click on it sign up and wait for approval.

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If you really want to make money with YouTube you should be able to make videos.there are many ways to make videos,first you can record whatever you want to upload on you tube as video clip then upload it on your YouTube channel.
Before monetizing your channel first you need to hit 10k viewes 
Your views will determine your earnings and try making your viewers subscribe to your channel.

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