Apps you should uninstall


Here in this article, we are going to list out someapps that you should remove from your Android device immediately. Here is the list of apps that you need to remove:

 Ram Cleaner Apps
The applications that work in the background consume your RAM and use battery life, even if they are in standby mode. The idea behind applications that claim to boost your memory is to close such background apps systematically. Unfortunately, this aggravates the problem.
Apps running in the background needs to restart after you close them. This constant closing and restarting of apps can make the phone unstable.
So thesememory-saving applications do not makesense. In addition, Android manages the useof RAM automatically andknows when to run an application or not, so third-party applications are not required.

 Antivirus Apps
It is true that more and more malware developers are trying to take advantage of the amount of information we store on our phones. Your Android device and the Play Store can now do everything the antivirus applications cando.
If any app is hiding malware secretly, Googlechecks it before publishing it in the Play Store. So-called Android antivirus applications areonly useful if you’re downloading and installing APK files found outside the Play Store.

 Optimization Applications
Temporary files, cookies and other files that may be dispensable are stored on the mobile, but they do not do so in the same amount as on PCs. Junk cleaner apps consume the huge amount of CPU and affectbattery life because they keep scanning for unnecessary files in the background.
Nowadays, every Androiddevice comes with Smart Manager which let users find junk files to clean them. You can even look for unnecessary files by going through file manager, this might be time-consuming, but it’s effective.

Battery Optimizers
Similar to RAM boosters, battery-saving applications are often a bunch of junk. To really increase battery life, you should reduce the power demand of the operating system and by minimizing the running apps and services.
So to be effective, energy-saving apps would need to gain the root privileges. But since Android can not be controlled without root privileges, apps availableon the Play Store can not simply enter and take control.

Uninstall ads apps
If you love your device,keep away from ads apps.such apps are ram sucker and could steal some info when clicked on link.

Widget Apps

There are widgets that Android phones have by default, such as the weather forecast or the on-screen notes are useful. Others are not so much, like the one for the gallery or the music player.Many of them are strong candidates to be uninstalled. Keep in mindthat most of them run in the background, some even using data, so the battery and resource consumptions are high.
So if you are not going to use them remove it
These are the five kinds of apps which you need to uninstall right now. 

Battery saver 
Don't be fooled there's nothing like battery saver.such things never exist,don't fall for that rubbish.if there was battery saver,it means it increases your battery capacity. All battery savers drain your battery faster than usual duration. Battery saver slows down your phone and sucks up your ram.all battery savers are called battery suckers.if you want to upgrade your battery life,just buy a new phone .

Uninstall pre-come apps
Some manufacturers installs their apps on their phones.well its not bad but uninstall pre-installed apps you are not using such as jumia,millionaire don't need these apps just go ahead and uninstall the..

Honestly there are some apps you need to uninstall from your has be

proven,many apps we installed on our phones are not safe.many anti virus we use are not even safe.I remember when malware virus entered my phone because of stupid apps I installed.some apps are programmed with virus,so keep away from installing every app you see on the internet.

Don't ever fall prey of app promising to increase your phone ram or boost your phone ram.there's no such apps,if you want to increase your phone ram buy a new phone or install less apps,remove any app you are not making use of.
Any app claiming to increase or boost your phone speed or ram is ram sucker.such apps doesn't exist.

I am tmerlin a tech lover