How to Make laptop battery last longer


How to Make laptop battery last longer

Don't worry if your laptop battery is not lasting long as it should, don't panic its our duty to help you anytime.
So there are some softwares we call battery sucker .why are they called battery sucker because they suck up your battery,some times these apps are hidden or may be caused by some background applications.

Many be you have been using your laptop battery for quite long not changing it.well it could be the cause anyways I have written down  every thing you need to make your laptop battery start lasting long.

If you have a laptop and struggling to make your battery last longer, then here we are going to share few tips that will help you to save energy and make your laptop’s battery last longer.

 Reducing Screen Brightness
This is something which impacts the battery life ofa laptop. Screen brightness is one of the most important factors that can greatly influencethe energy consumption. So, it’s recommended to lower the screen brightness whenever possible.

Turn Off Bluetooth & WiFi is you are not using
Laptops just like mobile devices automatically scan for Bluetooth and WiFi network in the background which consumes lots of battery power. So, when these components are not in use, turn these features off so that your computer doesn’t consume power by searching for signals.

 Remove Background apps
Try to open lesser tabs on your computer browser.If you want to extend the battery life of your battery, then you need tofind lighter programs for certain tasks. Like for composing a text, you can use a Notepad instead of Microsoft Word.

 Use an Ad Blocker
Most of us love to visit websites which we love. However, visiting a usefulwebsite is good. However, you can restrict those unnecessary ads that are being displayed. Using an Ad blocker on your browser will block all the Ads that will help you to save
some extra battery life.

Don't let your battery die final
The truth is many of us don't charge our battery until it dies finally which is very bad for your laptop battery.
Its advisable not to let your laptop battery die final before plug it in electricity.

update your softwares
Do you know every updated application or software comes with optimized and better version.keep your software and applications updated.always update when there's new version of any application/ software

Don't open multiple window
Try not to open multiple windows when you are not making use of them.keep your system optimized by keeping on few windows active and close any window you are not making use of.

Run optimized applications
As we all know some applications are ram and battery killer.honestly if you want your battery to last longer you should stop using battery killer application.

Reduce brightness 
Brightness is one of inbulit application that comes with every side effect of LCD brightness is the higher the brightness the higher battery consumption. So keep it low for battery saving and safe for your eye

Check Your Laptop Temperature
You should be very careful and not let the laptop become too hot. Ifyou feel that your laptop is overheating, then try tounblock the air vents by removing the dirt. Overheating often causesbattery problems. Another thing is to avoid using the laptop on pillows, sofa. Use laptop only on flat surfaces.
These are few best thingsyou can do to make your laptop’s battery last longer.

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