How to spy on someone's phone and WhatsApp message


How to spy on someone's phone and WhatsApp message

spying on someone is never been easier like we thought.
you may have reasons to spy on someone included your husband, wife,girlfriend, boyfriend & your children.
Internet is a dangerous place that could lure people doing something bad like cheating on their spouse. Many company use keylogger to spy on their worksers so, to know when they discloses their business secret .
I tell you spying on someone's WhatsApp,call log or text message has never been an easy task.
To know what your partner,children or employees  is doing behind your back,you easy spy on them by using some spying applications.

Some spying apps let you spy on someone's phone calls typically the victim's calls will also divert to your phone 
The victim's text messages will also come into your phone 
You have access to the victim's WhatsApp, Facebook and other social network messages
You monitors everything the victim is doing with their phone.

You can monitor the victim's entire phone log  activities by installing a call  recorder on the victim's phone, use hide app and hide the call recorder installed on the victim's phone.whenever the victim makes call or receives call,all the conversations will be recorded without the victim's knowledge.

You may decide to monitor the entire activities of the victim's phone.
First head to playstore download auto start video recorder,install it on the victim's phone.

these methods are not the best way to spy.
i will show you how to spy on people's phone and WhatsApp.

 how to spy on WhatsApp .for you to spy on WhatsApp you may need the victim's phone to let you get full access to the victim's WhatsApp.there are many ways to spy on someone's WhatsApp 

Many of us don't know the work of a barcode.
For you to spy on someone's WhatsApp you may need to scan the victim's encryption barcode  by using WhatsApp spy app. App is on playstore when you download this app get the victim's phone and scan their barcode all her WhatsApp chats,images would over write your WhatsApp with the victim's whatsapp.

How to spy on someone's phone and WhatsApp message

Spy on someone's WhatsApp using spoof  or mac address of the victim.
Goto setting>about>status>WiFi address copy out the address install busybox and terminal 
Launch terminal app and enter $ incase it didn't find anything just enter wlan0 instead of eth0 replace your Mac address with the victim's Mac address u copied 

Uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it back,now enter the victim's numb as registration numb confirmation code would be sent to your phone copy it out and enter it congratulations now you can read,receive all the victim's WhatsApp messages.

disclaimer this tutorial is for the good use,we are not responsible for misuse of this tutorial.
Reader is fully responsible for any bad conduct of this tutorial.

Like I said there are many ways to spy on someone's WhatsApp.
You can spy on someone using spyin flexispy app.
Download and register flexispy account copy down the code given to you.
Now download app editor or app image changer,edit flexispy app change the image and send it through email to the victim's mail along with your code.
Before sending it to the victim, make sure you rename the app to something fascinating like make money,get rich,bitcoin mining something that is convincible then forward it to the victim's mail.tell the victim to use the code you included in the mail as referral code.
When the victim installs and enters the code you sent,all the victim's activities with their phone will be stored in your flexispy account.

Both calls,messages, WhatsApp conversations, Facebook messages etcyou will have access to her entire phone.

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