How to start a blog and make money


How to start a blog and make money

technology has gone rampant these days,the world would be nothing without technology.
 on today's edition we will be discussing on how to make money off through blogging.

According to a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
I have written article on how to create your own blog,please take some  of your time and go through some of my previous articles that might help you .

Day to day people are searching for information and solution to their problems.
Online business is becoming common these days,a lot of companies are ready to spend millions of dollar on adverts.
Internet is something we can't do without,its also an opportunity to make money by writing and publishing.
According to research top 10 bloggers earn10-12 million dollars yearly.
This is an opportunity,which shouldn't be neglected.
Blogging doesn't require certificate or special skills,skilled & unskilled can make money through blogging .

How to start a blog and make money

You may be wondering why I say unskilled? Yes unskilled person can equally engage in blogging and earn $ from it.
There are many niches in blogging such as entrainment, celebrities that doesn't require intellectual knowledge.

We cannot achieve our goal if we don't own a blog.
How  to make money from blogging 

1. Set a blog: we cannot make money from blogging if we don't own a blog.
Generally for us to achieve our goal we will need to set up a blog before we start making money from blogging .
To set up a blog we need to get our blog hosted on or,these are not the only blogging platforms but they are the best two we can think of.
Its advisable to host your blog by hosting your blog you will have full control over your blog unlike where you are limited but never host your blog on free you don't have money for host start with blogger.

2. Domain : after choosing platform next step is getting a domain.your domain is what will represent you on the internet.find a name that is related to your niche or any good name.

3. Customization : after getting a host next step you take is I always say,a good blog is defined by unique design and contents .
Customize your blog to your taste ,but maybe limited if you are hosting on or WordPress. Com.
I advice any one that wants to go into blogging to consider hosting his/her blog or remain on blogger .
4. Niche:choosing niche maybe something hard to choose,as there are many niches I always tell bloggers write on what you are good at but let it be something that will contribute to your reader's life.
There are some niches that pays off better than other niches.when choosing niche make sure you choose something that would benefit you .

5. Contents : here's what defines you,your ability to write quality contents,your ability to use fluent English, your ability to share your knowledge with others .
Contents are very important because your content is your blog.
try updating your blog frequently ,avoid copying other's work let your contents be original . 
Keep your contents optimized,share your blog posts on social media for more traffic to your blog.

6. Keywords : I tell you if you want to make money with your blog consider practicing keywords because the keywords you use,determines your CPC and earning.
Before writing your posts, use keyword researcher/planner  to know what people are searching ,volume search and CPC of a keyword.

8. Monetization its the least but not the last.
Monetization is a way by which bloggers make money through ads placed on their blog.

How to start a blog and make money

When it comes to ads Google AdSense is the best monetizating company up till date.
Google AdSense is based on contextual ads and native ads thereby allowing publishers to sign up,when approved they can start earning money through their publisher AdSense account.
There are other monetizing sites but google AdSense is most popularly used by bloggers to monetize their blog .
To me google AdSense pays better to other monetizing sites.
Though AdSense is very strict.

There are other Google AdSense alternative in case if you decide not to go with AdSense or if you get disapproved you can try,propeller,clicksor,chikita,etc 

you can make money from blogging by adding store to your blog,allowing your readers to subscribe to your blog,donate or purchase online  items such as eBook,plugin, theme etc .

Affiliate program another good way to make money from blogging .many bloggers are already into affiliate marketing while others ditched AdSense for affiliate marketing .
You can earn upto $100 per sale depending on the product you are selling and company you are running affiliate.
There are well known affiliate companies like amazon,click bank,share sales etc sign up with any affiliate site of your choice and start making money with your blog .

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