IPhone vs android


IPhone has gain people's like over the past years especially in America and Europe while android is managed by google.
There have been an arguable controversy between this two company.
First I would like to note out some crucial viewpoints  between the two phones.

Android is an open source code while iPhone is built on iOS.
I will say big thanks to google because google maintains free friendly interface

The two veries in operating system.
Let's look into their features 

IPhone vs android

IPhone has more security over android
According to report many android phone had been affected with malware virus and other viruses.you hardly hear people complain about virus when using iphone.
Apple have security integration on all their smart phones,chances of recovering stolen apple phone is more complexed compared to android.
Apple's last flagship  came with inbuilt screenfingerprin security.
apple was sued by us government because of security implemented on iphone6.
According to google they said they don't guarantee full safe on android.
98% of malware virus found were found on android.
Winnee iphone

Android beats iPhone in customization.
Apple makes everything user Friendly,its totally accepted but what if you wishes to add more satisfactory look or customization then iPhone lacks it.
You cannot change system apps or interface such as keyboard,messaging app etc.
Google made everything easier,you can customize your android smart phone to the minimum taste of your desire.
Winner android

Take a look on both smart phone specs

I can't really differentiate between the two platforms,both have their own processor.
IPhone is built on iOS while android is built on android version.appple uses a11 chip while android uses cota core snapdragon.
Some android phones comes with 6gb ram 4gb ram octa core 2.5 while iPhone comes with only 3gb ram
Winner android

Here apple is taking the lead.apple was first  to launch HD games on mobile. According to developers apple hardware and core can play almost all PlayStation games .gaming companies would first make game for iPhone before developing for android.
IPhone has better gaming interface,control,graphics compared to android.
There are millions of HD games comparable to Xbox games that plays on iPhone.
Winner iPhone

Sometimes our phone may start malfunctioning and you may need support to  help you fix your phone .you can take your phone to any nearest apple store,again your phone would be fixed.its not same on android side if your phone starts to malfunction you either take your phone to where you bought which they may not solve your problem or take it to a phone specialist.
Here apple gives more support than android.
Winner iPhone

Artificial assist
Here android takes the lead not because apple assistance is not good but android assistant is more aid.
Winner android

Here android takes the lead.
Android phones are manufactured by many companies,these days some android phones come with 5000mah ,4500mah some gionee phones has 6000mah battery capacity.iphone you may need to charge your phone every day.apple have less battery life over android. There are some android phones that can stay upto 2-3 days of not charging it.
Winner android

Removable battery 
On the other hand android battery can be replaced while iPhone battery can only be replaced either by apple store or a specialist making it complicated.
Winner android

IPhone could be the only phone that doesn't support external storage like sd card.almost all android phones support external storage like SD card .
Android takes the lead Here because in android you can supplement your storage by adding more storage to your device.
Winner android

Both phones comes with social apps but doesn't share file toeach other.
Take for instance an apple product can only share file to only apple product while android shares file to all devices .
Winner android

Here I will go with apple.
You can resale your old iPhone and get more money than you would get from android when resale it.
Winner iPhone

Since iPhone is managed by one company they send updates to all their users once there's new update unlike android not all manufacturers provide update.
Winner iPhone

Cloud storage 
Both phones has cloud storage where yo can store all your  files online.google drive has limited storage over iPhone icloud .
Winner iphone

Not everyone can afford apple product especially their smart phones iPhone).
Android is affordable since they are manufactured by different companies.
You can afford android easily then iPhone 
Winner android

Many people would say iPhone is more valuable to android that's their view though in Africa we regard anyone using apple product as rich personnel.
Strictly apple is meant for only rich people If you have money you can afford their product if you don't have money forget dreaming of having iPhone .
Winner iphone

screen size 
Android takes the lead because android is made by different companies while iPhone is made by only one company (apple)
Apple has only one fixed  screensize  for every iPhone model.you can get any screen size on android .
Winner android

App store vs google playstore 
Both has a fantastic store well designed and organised.google playstore has more apps over apple store.
You can easily submit your app or game to google playstore unlike all store its would be stressful.
Some apps on playstore had malware virus before google introduce app virus scan.
Winner equal

All android phones come with inbuilt USB pot use as charging pot and a means to connect to PC .
You can also play music with your phone on your home equipments unlike iPhone that doesn't support USB and can only be accessed by apple products
Winner android

App installation
Android allows you to install apps and games from other source while iPhone allows only apps from app store .
Winner android

Here android takes the lead.
Android allows you to split the screen into two and run multiwindow at same time.on the other hand apple doesn't allow screen split you only run one tab at same time.
Winner android

Default app 
Android allows you to select your default browser unlike iPhone that makes safari their default app.
Winner android

Conclusion both phones are good 

I am tmerlin a tech lover