List of countries that restrict internet usage

When it comes to Internet usage some countries are censored.
In some countries internet usage are restricted while some are been monitored by government.
Internet activities of citizens are been monitored by government,hence you could get in trouble when accessing restricted websites and apps.
Some countries censorship on the internet is minimal.
Social networks are banned in some countries regardless of the morden world we are some countries you can not socialize or connect with your friends on social networks.
Some countries restrict streaming of online videos,in that case you are banned from watching online videos or online TV.
searching engines like google,yahoo,bing are also blocked.

List of countries that restrict  internet usage

korea has the lowest population of internet users.the censorship placed in Korea citizens are too propagated to extend only 4% makes use of internet.
All mobile apps,websites and all internet activities are under government dictate.
You must be authorized or lincensed by korea government before making use of the internet.  Kwangmyong was set up by Korea government as internet browser that restrain only consent only websites and services assent by the government.

According to RSF Cuba is known as enemy of the internet. In Cuba you are only assent to use the internet when you register with Cuban government. All your internet online activities are monitored by the government.

china is the most censored country when it comes to internet China is severest among other countries .
In China you don't have freedom of speech,China is classified by RSF as enemy of internet.
china blocks sites such as facebook,whatsapp,google,playstore,yahoo.
china government is extremely strict when dealing on internet activities. in china you cannot socialize,stream or upload files .

4.saudi Arabia 
Any websites that doesn't comply with Islamic beliefs or talks about politics ,religions,pornography,gambling,drug  are blocked by Saudi government.
According to RSF Saudi is one of most aggressive censored countrty against internet.
over 600,000 sites are blocked in saudi.
They use IP blocking ,keyword filtering and browser history to monitor online activities.

5. Iran 
Many bloggers have been jailed in Iran for their online activities.bloggers are registered under government,hence all their online activities are been monitored .
Iran is one censored country against the internet usage more than half of websites in the world are blocked,internet speed had been reduced to frustrate internet users.
Popular sites like Facebook, google,twitter,gmail, WhatsApp,youtube are blocked

Tunisia is one of the severe censored internet country. All citizens submit their IP and personal identity to the government before using the Internet.

Tunisia government is very strict,monitors all the citizens online activities,keyword filtering and all internet network are passed through one central network.

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