MTN and Ericsson set to launch 5g network in Africa


MTN and Ericsson set to launch 5g network in Africa
Advancement is coming to Africa.
Mtn and ericsson are collaborating to launch first ever 5g network in Africa this 2018.

At mtn head quarter in south Africa, mtn spoke to the media about 5g trial that would commerce this year.
 Mtn group says,south Africa would be the first country to receive 5g network.

Errisson technology believes this is a wonderful thing to do for Africa as they went ahead in collaboration with mtn,to see this project is completed this ye

Mtn group says they had carried out experiments in their labs,which yield well but they are now working to transform everything to commercials,medias and Africa a whole.

Mtn tested the trial speed of 5G network,more than 20gb was covered under believes 5gb could download more than 20gb under 5mins.

Mahomed Essof, says Ericsson is the first technology company to first launch 5g network with mtn and in Africa.
They believe this is a new era for Africans to experience new faster network services 

Mahomed calls on government for their assistance,to enable them complete their project soonest. Mahomed talks about Ericsson partnership with mtn.
I believe before end of this year Africans would start using 5g network.

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