Nigeria universities to get free wifi

Nigeria universities to get free wifi

Surfwella is a computer company featuring 4network announces they would provide wireless WiFi network to all Nigeria universities.
According to news, surfwella to provide adequate steady internet service to Nigeria students to help them study well and also compete with other countries.
News reaching us made us understand that Nigeria universities will soon receive wireless WiFi both government and private university.

This is an opportunity made by surfwella to strengthen Nigeria education.
As a student I am,I'm very happy because this has been my dream and I would love to have 24hours undisturbed internet access every time I want to surf the internet.

Development is coming into Nigeria,students spend a lot on data,this great opportunity would change the story around.

Surfwella says university of abuja Nigeria would be the first Nigeria to receive wireless WiFi university of Lagos Nigeria would be next.

I am tmerlin a tech lover