In fact, to cut the long story short.
Over 90% of websites and individuals that claim to offer fixed games are fake. No speculating here now, that’s a fact. It’s even more disturbing that in Nigeria alone, that statistics climbs to 99%. It’s no surprise actually since there are no agencies set in place to checkmate some of this things.
This guys are just regular soccer pundits that do some serious research (If you are lucky enough to meet the few ones that analyze their games) and give to you. And that’s why you’d always hear them say “ If the game fails, you’d get another .” That alone tells you what you’d be getting is not as 'fixed' as you were meant to believe.

For God's sake, match fixing simply means a match is played to a completely/partially pre-determined result. So how can a supposedly sure game in quote fail?
What really happens here is that the adjective FIXED is used to pre-sell their service. It’s an attention grabber .

The truth is fixed match exist but fixed match bet tips are 99% scam.
And most recently, these scammers use Facebook as their hub for operation. They create a page, run a little ad advertising winnings or send out free games for awhile just to get your attention. If the games fail, it’s deleted from their page, if it plays and luckily they get something like 2-3 successive wins.
Next they’d let the word out of a high odd guaranteed fixed match that just arrived and won’t be available for free.
Next you inbox them and they encourage you to make just half-payment, then pay the balance after you win. Don't fall for that.

Because if you do, here is exactly what would happen.
They’d likely give out a Half-time/Full-time prediction. Reason because it’s carries a relatively high odd. Then, they'd divide their clients into groups.  Giving each group different half time/full time outcome. To Client A - 1/x, Client B - X/2 and so on.  So in all groups, one group will definitely produce the winner and will be eager to pay more money while they take others as loss or promise to give them another free bet. Once clients who lost makes unhealthy comment on their page, they ban/block them from commenting and delete their comments.
And the won bet slip from the winning group would then be used for marketing and adverts against the next weekend repeating the circle all over.
This is serious and that's how they operate.
To make it in sports betting you should put greed aside and see football betting as a business. Think of progressive small wins. Even if you make just N2000 profit daily, at the end of the month you can earn good amount of income than losing huge out of greed. What matters is what you want at the end of a reasonable period and not what you want to earn today.

nstead of relying on luck, the best is to have a bet strategy. Winning sports bettors all have bet strategies. Do you?
If you don’t have a plan or make use of one that guarantees a positive expected return then you’re nothing but a gambler.
And successful betting isn’t for gamblers. it’s for investors who plan to win, people that do not hope on luck to win but create their own fate with their hands.

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