Online coding classes

Online coding classes

I could recall back then in 2010 down many people were not into coding,at most we thought programming is only meant for scientists and geekies that was some people's view.

The world is growing day by day with amazing technologies,new technologies are been invented on daily basis.

Technology is leading the world today,top 10 richest men in the world are technologists.take for instance CEO of Facebook Mr mark zukerberg,billgate they all made their money through technology.

Probably They wouldn't have not achieved all this without programming knowledge.

Have you ever wondered how our cell phone operates,how the internet behaves.number one searching engine aka (google) makes 30billion dollars annually.

There was a time when you need to travel abroad to learn programming that was things have changed there are many sites ready to teach you programming free,you don't need to spend money all needed is your time  certificate will be issued to you after completing any curse.

Online coding classes
Many companies are ready to pay millions of dollar to security hackers,android developers, web site developers you can also do freelancing.

There are many opportunities for you when you learn coding,companies are ready to hire you,you can also be your own boss.

WhatsApp was developed by brian which was later sold to Facebook CEO mark zukerberg at 19.6 billion dollars.learning programming will increase your cognitive reasoning and intellectual knowledge.

Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi as we all know bitcoin is leading the monetary race  1btc worth morethan $6000.this great digital money crytocurrency was developed by a coder.

YouTube was founded by a Yung coder which was later sold to Google for 1.65billion dollars.

There are many opportunities for coders.if you re still interested in learning coding let's get started then.

Online coding classes
There are many computer curses that made up computer  programming  such as
Electrical Engineering ,Computer Science,computer software, computer analysis, programming,computer database,Information Systems,Algorithms & Data Structures,Systems Architecture,computer network etc

All this curses will be provided for you free you can also check out my previous post for your programming PDFs/software and apps 

Here are online classes  website to learn coding free

1. Courseware is an open university that offers class to non candidates.
Courseware offers all programming curses including other curses.courseware is currently offering over 2500 curses and all  curse are free.this site also provides you with free textbook,your knowledge is tested with assignment, exams and projects.
All curses are taught by their professors , you can access their library for free textbooks.
Courseware also issues certificate after completion of any curse.

2. Sololearn is a social platform where programmers and developers interacts and share knowledge.
Solo opens door for anyone who wants to learn programming & coding.
Thousands of coders are on solo,if you have any coding problems or puzzlement solo is the best place to find solution. code university the billionaire searching engine company aka(Google) code university is absolutely free for anyone who wants to learn android development or web security.
This is Google code university though not all programming curses are taught.Google makes sure you become an expertise in android development and web security.
Google rewards best candidates by employing them.
4.Mozilla as we all know Mozilla is no one used browser in the whole world.Mozilla network provides online curses for web security and web development.

 5.codecademy is one of the free popular website to learn free code.
Codecademy teaches web fundamental such as php,HTML,CSS,JavaScript, ajax SQL,jquery,python etc.
You can rely on codecademy for web curses.

6. Edx anyone who wants to learn computer or programming to the core edx is best place to learn.exd is founded by Harvard university, one of the best university in the world .
Classes are taught by Harvard university professors generally on everything related to coding .
After learning on edx certificate will be given to you .

7. Udemy is learning platform.udemy provides tutorial videos and certificate though some  curses are paid but you can easily find coupons online. You can check out my free udemy coupon codes.
Udemy is based on video tutorials was founded in 2010 good place to learn coding 

8.Github is a social platform for coders. You can find many tutorials,ebooks on github.github has over 40m members,its a nice place to learn programming but certainly not the best.

9. Code avenger based out on game development, app development, web development.this site is good for anyone who wants to learn php,JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

10.Khan Academy I so much love Khan you can learn whatever you want to learn on khan.
This site teaches programming and other curses that could add more to your knowledge

11.code play 
Code play is made of video tutorials based on JavaScript css3,html5 etc 
Code play is based on web development only 

12. HTML5 Rocks Google own website for html5 learners .this website is owned by Google you can find many HTML5 tutorias there .
13.Apple Developer this is apple website for those that want to become apple developers.

14.Android Developer class are taught by Google developers .you can find many video tutorials regarding to android development.
Its a nice place to learn android because its Google's site.

I am tmerlin a tech lover