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Search optimization
This post is enrich with seo tips.
Some times you would be wondering why your site don't get organic traffic or not been ranked.again you may have seem some sites stay on every google first page and never been out ranked before.

Well,like I always say,every successful business has a secret. Seo has a secret too.
Blogging is competitive this days.I remember when I came into blogging newly,I knew nothing about seo site was ranked by Alexa but does not get organic traffic .organic traffic is something that needs patience,while waiting make sure you have optimized your site,ready for searching engines.
There are some key factors we fail to include in our blogpost.the truth is searching engine is like a puzzle you need to think before attempting it.

  • Keywords: while it has been proven,that keyword is the life of every blogpost.think before you write any just don't write anything that comes to your need to use a keyword metric to know people's queries,what people are searching for.if you goto,enter a query it refers as keyword. Before you write any blogpost,first choose a keyword,check the traffic volume of the keyword you want to write on,check the CPC of the planner or semrush is there for you.

  • Title
Your title should be a keyword,it should be searching engine friendly texts.your title is what will appeal on google searching engine,once your keyword is entered.

Its good to keep your post text neat.when giving a paragraph,give it in a sensible way.don't just give paragraph because you want your post to look its not done that way,you give paragraph for crucial points.let your paragraph be something that would draw your readers attention.

Many times we write without a keyword,even when we use keyword for our title we fail to include it through out our blog post.
This is one secret some sites gets high seo ranking over some sites.when writing your blogpost make sure you include your keywords in every of your 100 helps google indexing your blogpost.

Optimize your blogpost
To be honest with you google don't like short texts,if you want your blogpost to be indexed and to make google first page,try writing more than 400words  upward.

Mobile friendly
 google is now penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly.its advisable to have both mobile and desktop version for your site.don't just depend on desktop version.

Optimize your image
Optimize your blog image.don't use heavy images,use images when its important. Don't use too many images,again use only images related to your topic

When writing your blog post,take your time and think carefully well.make sure you include your keywords. 

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