Seo tools


seo tools
A farmer cannot harvest his farm without harvesting tools,same goes to seo tools.some times I wonder if many of us webmasters do use our seo tools.
A website without seo tools is just like a dead person.

Have you thought of this before? Why some website is ranked higher or below than others.
A website is like construction or a house you never siezed to stop bringing nice things to your house.

Here's the best seo tools for every website.

  • Google analytics
This is a must have tool for every analytics is owned by google,also available for all websites.Google analytics is used to record everything that happens in any website.we use analytics to know duration of time spent by our visitors,real traffic of a website,search volume of a keyword.
If you are not yet using Google analytics, truly you are missing a lot because without Google analytics you can't track data of your website

  • Google Web Master 
This is life of every website. Google web master is too good to be neglected. In fact its rock of every website. Google webmaster tracks and stores all records of every can use google webmaster to see full details of your organic traffic,how your site's contents and pages are indexed on searching can use google webmaster to target a geographical area for a website. You can block particular country from accessing your website. You can stop google from indexing your website and can tell google how to crawl your contents with google webmaster is one major tool that makes a successful website and its the life of every website.

  • keyword planner 
If you want to make money with your blog or website,you must consider using keyword planner.keyword planner is google tool,for searching keywords, determining volume search of a keyword, CPC of a keyword, traffic volume of a is one of crucial tool considered to be useful to webmasters.every successful website or blog uses keyword.keyword planner is a free tool from google to webmasters unlike semrush that has premium tools.I extensively use google keyword to know the CPC of any keyword before writing on any keyword. Successful bloggers are making use of keyword, that's why you see some websites earning upto $30000-100000 a month.yes its possible if you use your keyword effectively.

  • Google speed insight
Another free powerful tool from google to check the speed and petformace of a website.
Google insight analyzes your site mobile and desktop also tells what your site lacks and how to improve it.

Quicksprout analyzer 

This site is optimized with seo such as tools to spy on your competitors. If you want to know how your competitors are doing,this tool is the right tool to know secret of your competitors.

Copyscape or siteliner

This site is all about plagiarism. Shows everything about duplicate contents,sites coping your contents,match words.its a plagiarism tool generally used by webmasters.

Yoast Seo 
Whenever seo is mentioned, think of yoast seo plugin.yoast seo is best seo plugin for WordPress.helps searching engines to crawl your contents,optimize your site,gives a site Better seo for searching engine.

  • Ahrefs
This site is used to check everything about links.included domain name ranking,back fact this tool is a traffic anakyzer, not really compared to Alexa but offers many great can compare website ranking with this tool.

Search metrics Website Analyzer
This tool is amazing.shows how sites are ranked in social media and searching engine

XML sitemap
Generates sitemap for google webmaster,
Very useful tool.

  • Similar web

This tool is superb why? It gives you full details and graph of a website.this tool is packed with so many traffic of any website, spent time of your visitors,details of your visitors,unique visitors, exact traffic of a website,similar sites to your websites its just like analytics,your visitor's country etc.

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Very good write ups you got here.. Tmerlin your article's are somehow interesting still need more clarifications on keywords planner though.
Much move bro coming from

Very good write ups you got here.. Tmerlin your article's are somehow interesting, still need more clarifications on keywords planner though.
Much LOVE bro coming from

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