Website traffic checker


Website traffic checker 
Sometimes we don't compete with our competitors because we fail to seek the real secret of every successful website.
In 2016 mark zukerberg was among the 300+ richest men in the 2014 he was among the first 110 richest men in the mark zukerberg is among the 5th richest people in the world.
Did you know there were some social networks that was outranked by WhatsApp .if we look back,in 2005-2010 2go was dominating till WhatsApp took over.

Every successful website or business has a secret,the question here is,how would you know the secret behind your competitor's success.have you ever thought or wondered of outranking your competitors or do you think it's not possible?
Yes its possible if mark zukerberg (CEO of Facebook) was able to succeed,you too is more than able.

There are website tools  that would help you achieve your business or website goals and know your competitors secret.

Some website traffic checkers are used to check the full information of a website, included website site traffic, estimated earning,ranking,back links and many more.

We use these tools to spy on our competitors,get more information about our competitors.

  • Website traffic checker can be used to check of estimated earning of any website.
  • Used in viewing CPC or ppc of a site
  • Use to increase CPC
  • Use to check high earning keywords
  • Use to know session time spent on your site by your visitors
  • Use to spy on your competitors
  • Use to check back links and referraling links to any website
  • Use to check traffic of any website
  • Web site traffic checker, helps in improving website.
If you want to understand a website better use any of these website traffic checker

  • Alexa
So far Alexa stands as best traffic checker.Alexa gives full information of every website including authority websites.Alexa shows,website ranking,metrics,keywords, traffic of a website,bounce rate and many more.with Alexa you can spy on your competitors with Alexa.if you want to meet up with your competitors,you should start using Alexa.goto enter your site or any website URL and see all full details of any website referraling links,back links,keywords,metrics,site traffic etc.

  •  Semrush
Semrush is best keyword planner and traffic tool.semrush is used to determine estimated earning of any website, traffic views,rate of a keyword,CPC of a many organic and web traffic a website gets.semrush is extensively enriched with so many goodies
Semrush is a great tool for analyzing traffic strategies.

  • Similar web
This tool is superb why? It gives you full details and graph of a website.this tool is packed with so many traffic of any website, spent time of your visitors,details of your visitors,unique visitors, exact traffic of a website,similar sites to your websites its just like analytics,your visitor's country etc.

  • Ahrefs
This site is used to check everything about links.included domain name ranking,back fact this tool is a traffic anakyzer, not really compared to Alexa but offers many great can compare website ranking with this tool.

  • google analytics
Best analytic tool so far.recommended for every analytics tracks everything happening in your website. This tool is capable of giving every information of any website. With google analytics you can see your organic traffic, your bot traffic, duration time spent by your visitors, in fact this tool records everything happening in your website.

  • quancast
This is a free traffic tool that gives actual information of any website traffic, unique daily and monthly traffic of any website.

Every successful website has a secret.
Consider using any of this tools for your own benefit.

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