Chromebook vs laptop

Chromebook vs laptop
I was among those thought Chromebook might extinct laptop.after gotten Toshiba Chromebook I then realised Chromebook couldn't met up my needs.

Chromebook is android os system designed in brand of a laptop.Chromebook is google device designed to be running web app and android app with look of a laptop.I used to think Chromebook is another version of a computer just like apple Mac,window's computer and Linux.honestly Chromebook can't do everything a window laptop does.

A Chromebook is just an android version in laptop look.Chromebook has a keyboard,wide-screen and some comes with touch screen.
One of the reason people buys a laptop is for storing documents, adobe,Photoshop,excel,word now have some applications that replaces mentioned softwares like google slide google sheets,Google doc etc as for photo shop and adobe not yet replaced.

Chromebook is not customisable unlike windows you can customize,install whatever you like.hopefully google will see to that in their next flagship. One good thing about Chromebook is malware virus free and can be sure of high security when browsing the internet.

Storage: most of Chromebook comes with 32-64gb internal storage and 128gb expandable plus 100gb cloud can not compare laptop storage to Chromebook most cases we have seen many laptops coming with 1 terabyte while some comes with 400-600gb storage. Chromebook storage won't be enough if you are the type that games but will be enough for storing files,docs and galleries.

CPU & ram nowadays we are seeing android phones come with 4-8gb ram not enough to be compared to laptop .yeah Chromebook is google device,Mac is apple device while windows is Microsoft device.their processors are not same.when it comes to running high graphics or high task laptop is the best.Mac & window laptops can game very well while google Chromebook can't because its designed to run limit tasks and its base on android version though Chromebook comes with Intel processor its not enough to compete with laptop when it comes to gaming and running high tasks.
Google chrome comes with 4gb ram while laptop have up to 16gb ram.

Battery life both devices come with good battery life.some laptops can last up to 9hours on constant Chromebook on the other hand can last up to 7-8hours on heavy usage.

Everything depends on your choice.Chromebook is good,laptop is good the two devices are okay.Chromebook is more affordable to pc.

I am tmerlin a tech lover