Google has A New Job search for all unemployed Nigerians,Kenyans and south Africa.


Google has A New Job search for all unemployed Nigerians,Kenyans and south Africa. 
Google is Number one leading technology company in the world.Google is doing their very best to help the youth and west Africa as a whole fight unemployment. In 2016 google promised to train 1million youths in technology which they did in 2017,promise to train 20million youths in 2018.the rate of unemployment in west Africa is becoming too alarming especially in Nigeria we have mullions of graduates roaming around the street in search of job.thanks to google for coming to our rescued by launching google job search.

Google has made it easier for job seekers in Nigeria, Kenya and south Africa by launching job search to help job seekers find their suited jobs easily.with google new job search you can easily find jobs across your residence no matter your location.
Google job search came with some amazing features like google map integration that helps job seekers use the google map find job in their location or any place in the map to see available use google map find job you must be signed in into your google gmail account.

You can also search on Google like this "job in Enugu" with any location of your choice to see available jobs.with google job search you will be able to see  the job title, location, the nature of the job full- time &  part-time or an internship and full information of the job.
You  can save job searches, set alerts and  notifications via will be receiving notifications by email.

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