How hackers can steal and hack you

How hackers can steal and hack you

It's true we are living in era of technology.almost everybody in the world his/ her data is stored somewhere either on a server or a computer.nowadays hackers are penetrating into peoples bank account and hacking people's social media account and other vulnerables.we got to becareful how we manage our personal data especially online.I was astonished when I read over 3million ATM cards was hacked in India.As of 2015-2017 over thousands of ATM cards was hacked in Nigeria too.what these frauders normally do is this? They will first send you a message saying your ATM has been deactivated or expired blah blah blah please call this number to reactive it for you blah blah.this has been their trick for years now.once you call them,they will tell you to send your ATM card number once sent they will withdraw all the money in your account.

Please take note for no reason should you send your ATM details to anyone.if you have any issue or complaints please goto your bank don't be fooled by hackers roaming around looking for who to devour.

1. Phishing: number one method of hackers trick.don't be fooled when people ask you to click on links you know nothing about or sends you email or link pretending to look important or business link please do not click on such links.once clicked all your details
will become accessible for hackers 

2.WiFi: its better you don't join public WiFi because hackers can break into your phone & system and steal your info.connecting to public WiFi is way dangerous and can open door for hackers to come in

3.keylogger: for no reason should you leave your phone with a totally stranger.hackers can install one piece of software that enables them to monitor your activities,everything you do with your computer .

4. pharming: another method hackers work with.I have said it before and will still say it keep your online activities safe we must stop clicking on every link we see.some of these links contain virus and malious harm.
All this fake links most of them are from fake websiutes .

Let's be very careful with our online activities. Hackers can steal our personal data without our knowledge.once your info is hacked a lot of harms  can be done with your data
You can be impersonated.let's fight against fraud together we will have a better world 

I am tmerlin a tech lover