How to start programming

What's computer programming?
Computer programming is a process that leads from an original formulation problems to executable computer programmes.(Wikipedia)
Computer programming languages are written in source codes.

Benefits of learning programming
  1. It opens your mindset
  2. It makes you think cognitive or logically
  3. It makes you a better mathematician
  4. It exposes you to  opportunities in life
The world is no longer living in blindness if you don't have computer knowledge you re really missing a can't write your own program or give computer instructions. Learning programming languages could be one of best thing to happen to anyone in life.
I remember when I developed my first program it was best feeling ever.messing with some written piece of codes .

How to start learning computer programming

There are many languages under computer programming.before choosing your first programming language you first ask yourself what program do you wanna start with.
There are over over 100 programming languages but only few are widely used and they included c,c#,c++,python,php,JavaScript, java,SQL,CSS,bootstrap, HTML.

Don't fear any programming languages because it gets easier when learning it.I started with HTML and I had to watch some tutorial videos from udemy and downloaded some tutorial apps too.
Computer programming languages are control by codes.

If you wanna learn android application then learn Java and c++
If you wanna learn web plugins or client area or web security learn JavaScript
If you wanna learn web development learn,HTML,CSS,bootstrap,php and JavaScript.
If you wanna learn game making learn c++ and c#
Wanna learn hacking and security learn php and python.

Most universities offers software engineering and computer will give you degree but your skills will lead you to your destination. You can teach yourself computer programming by learning online,watch YouTube videos or register class with udemy or download udemy tutorial videos.some online universities or sites now offer certificate once you finish learning any programming language and pass their exams certificate will be issued to you .

There are many programming apps and ebooks online download your preffered can learn programming from scratch to advance on and programming tutorial videos can be downloaded on are the two best websites you can learn programming from scratch to advance .

It won't be easy at start but don't give up keep on learning until you perfect. All great programmers we know today started from somewhere probably from scratch.

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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There are many practical tips for novice programmers, I learned that sometimes the help of experts can save a completely hopeless project. I had time to analyze my own project
in C ++, I asked experienced developers about coding, how to test and fix my assignments, as a result, a mistake was found and I continued my learning. I don't even know what could be if I couldn't pass my project on time to my curator ...