Next google operating system to take over android

Next google operating system to take over android 
It seems google is about upgrading android to new operating sytem called fuchsia.there have being trading rumors on github if google wants to replace android with fuchsia.
Google plans to merge android operating system and computer operating system into one operating system.Android will no longer be android as one operating system.

Google has not been able to achieve their aim on android because of fragmentation and this has been a huge problem for Google since android is open source code .fuchsia could be the solution to end fragmentation on android though google has not announced when fuchsia will be launched but google came out to announce a new product called flutter.clearly it shows google is really working on a new computing operating system that is not base on unix. This new operating system could take over android and could be running both google Chromebook os and android os together.

Google has being working on providing better user's experience and also fix some issues on android where by iPhone gets games & apps developed first for iOS users before it gets developed for is working on  new computing operating system that could merge android and computer operating system together so,google introduced flutter.
Flutter will allow coders develop application and games that will work both on iPhone iOS and android os. iPhone and android will be sharing same application and games not certain if they will share same operating sytem.iPhone and android apps or games developed with flutter will be compatible to each other.flutter will only work with google fuchsia which will be google new Os that Will be running google Chromebook os,computer os and android operating sytem together.
Google mai aim is to merge both operating systems together in one operating the sense that new android version could run both comouter operating system and android operating system all together.

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