Samsung Max Vpn App With Data Saving and Privacy Protection

Samsung Max Vpn App With Data Saving and Privacy Protection

On 23 February 2018 Samsung launched Samsung max VPN.Samsung max is a similar app to opera max VPN which was discontinued on November 2017.Samsung max comes with two features data saving and privacy protection. Samsung data saving looks like google datally that was launched by google on November 2017.Samsung max Will help you save data as much as its installed on your galaxy device. It promises in compressing images,videos,web pages into less data consumption.Samsung max VPN will be preinstalled in all new Samsung phones and can be downloaded on Google play store and Samsung store.

Samsung max VPN privacy protection.Samsung max is 
One of best browser so far offering privacy are very secured when browsing with Samsung max VPN. Samsung max VPN comes with track blocking, encryption and DNS mask when using public WiFi or unsecured network .Samsung max offers secured web browsing,block any type of track from any encrypts your network traffic to Samsung server.

Your activities online is highly protected.Samsung max is optimized and ul designed to control other apps on your device for less data consumption.Samsung max blocks background data,shows you the apps that consumes more data and moreover saves data.
Samsung max VPN is available on all selected Galaxy devices and cab be downloaded on google play store and Samsung store.

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