Smart phone vs laptop

Smart phone  vs laptop

Smartphone is one of most daily use gadget in the world.smartphone have been in existence for more than 5 years now.we thought we had seen the end of ethical,when computer was inverted in late 90s,it became what its today when Microsoft advanced and added more functionalities.

To be honest smartphone has taken the likes of laptop.majority of the people living in the world cannot live without their smart phones,only few cannot live without their PC.
In African majority of Africans doesn't have PC & laptop but 90% owns smart phone.
Your smart phone can store your personal data like email,icloud account.most android browsers now support desktop version.

Year in year out people are comparing and contrasting between the two's technology has passed beyond our imaginations now we have AL artificial intelligence.I'm big fan of both device and I will tell you the plain truth smartphone cannot do everything PC does.nowadays developers are chipping in some PC apps for smartphone .most of the things done with PC ,can equally be done with smartphone.

Android is an open source code device,which means it can run other Linux  programs.these days android devices comes with 2.5ghz 4-8gb ram.some PC apps now has android version such as ms world,excel,sketchbook.
Smartphone now plays high graphics games like the walking dead nevertheless smartphones cannot play majority of PlayStation 4 or Xbox one games unlike PC that play all games.we have seen PlayStation 2 emulator for android,in near future android could  be playing PlayStation games since its open source program.

Billions of smart phones are sold annually while millions of laptops are sold also.there's fear smartphone would kick laptop needs,since smartphone is winning the matter what,PC will still be needed to deliver some certain tasks.

I can't say smartphone would extinct PC because many offices depends on PC.developers use computer near feature smartphone will start running PC version.

I am tmerlin a tech lover