Things to consider when choosing a web hosting


Some times we are confused when choosing what we want.well everything depends on your choice and your need.what matters at the end is your satisfaction.
I was among confused people choosing web hosting .I thought unlimited hosting and unlimited domain do suit my taste.well according to my experience with web hosting,I discovered there's nothing like unlimited hosting company is the best,our concern is if our needs are met.

This post will help you in choosing a good and reliable web hosting.
When choosing  a webhost,there are things to consider.I remember my experience with first shared hosting I purchased ,my site was always on down time,called their customer care got no support. I started losing my organic traffic and visitors.

Some web hosting companies will promise you heaven and earth only to disappoint.
Many web hosting site says unlimited hosting,that's not true nothing like unlimited.

Some web hosting charges hell of money which their hosting plans ain't worth it.while some offers you limited bandwidth and storage,forces you to upgrade well some web hosting are still worth purchasing .

Things to consider before choosing a web hosting 

Before choosing a web host you know very well price is one of things you do consider before you buy a web host.
Not everyone can afford a web hosting plan,yes its understandable same time you don't have to go for what you can't afford .
Almost all hosting plans force you to buy long period of host with them.that's the only way you could  been given discount.

Some web hosting price are too expensive, take for instance I love blue host but i can't afford their hosting plans because it goes for $8-14 monthly.I could only be given discount if I'm buying 3 years plan.
Take for instance again name cheap is selling their shared hosting plan $9 only for the first year and renewal goes for $30

Most of hosting companies  sale from $5 upwards monthly .
Before choosing web host consider your pocket and budget.

Budget/ specialization
Before you purchase a web host first of all,analyze your budget.take for instance I'm creating a blog site instead of me buying a shared hosting with good features like unlimited bandwidth and storage that would save me money.I bought dedicated server that costs $100-400 monthly ,when I'm not even getting upto 500,000 monthly traffic.
Cut your coat according to your side.
Every hosting plans has their own requirements that's why there are different web hosting plans.
If I'm to create a forum that hosts a lot of files,then I would probably go for vps or dedicated server.

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a web host is storage  .
Almost all web hosting sites offer limited hosting storage for shared hosting.
Storage is where you store your files.many web hosting alocate low or limited or some amount of storage to their web hosting plans.
When buying host consider the type of files you will be storing in your hosting account.

My advice is this don't buy any web hosting that offers small storage because you will not be allowed to store files,upload images,videos or install plugins on your site.

Another important factor to keep eye on when buying a web host.
Bandwidth is what accumulate activities of your visitors on your website.
Bandwidth is where your traffic is stored.for instance if a web hosting company offers 20mb bandwidth and someone visited your site hover over few links,let's assume the person consumes 4mb on your site the remaining bandwidth is 16.
Its important to always consider buying unlimited bandwidth because your site gets shutdown after your bandwidth gets exhausted.
Your site traffic and activities of your site depends on your bandwidth.

Yes many web hosting don't add automatic backup,daily or weekly back up.
What happens if your site gets attacked or shutdown you lose your files right?
Before you purchase any host check their back up availability and see if it suits your taste.

Domain name and sub domain
You may decide to host more sites on your hosting account.
The bitter truth is many web hosting sites limit the number of sites you can host on every web hosting account while some web hosting sites offer unlimited web hosting domain and sub domain .
If you don't have mindset of hosting multiple site in one hosting account not a problem but don't go for anything below 20 domains and sub domains

Email account
Some web host offers limited email accounts for your domain and few of them don't have web mail interface and gmail integration..why not go through their  features before purchasing any web hosting account.

Data base
I noticed almost all the webhosting sites offer database such as mysql,php,oracle etc.
Make sure any web host you are going for offers  latest mysql and php.

1click installer 
You wouldn't be paying for any web host script if it was free.almost every web hosting comes with 1click installer.
This is where you install your scripts such as php SMF WordPress ecommerce and many more.

Tech support
One feature that makes a good web hosting .
Who is there for you when you encounter any difficulties or needs help.what happens if you have any complaints or when your site is on downtime .is your web hosting customercare ready to assist you whenever you need help.
Every web hosting sites offer customer support but not all attends to you on time or reply you quickly.
Many of them don't help you when you need them.its advisable to go for any good hosting sites that can help you at any time of the host and namecheap has good tech support.

Script Language support 
Not all web hosting offers scripting language support like python,ruby ,php.
Any programmer would go for any web scripting web host that offers programming languages.

Renewal price
Many web hosting offers cheap web hosting @ the beginning and the renewal could be something else.take for instance namecheap allows you to purchase host at $9 only for the first year and renewal is $30.
Its important to know the renewal price  before purchasing web host account and see if you can beat the price when your plan expires.

Refund policy 
Every web hosting has refund policy that assures you refund if you wishes not to continue or decides to back off .you get refunded depending on the web hosting policy .

Control panel
For crying out loud we are in 21st century for no reason should you go for any web hosting that doesn't support c-panel ..
Cpanel is the best and no other option you may get in return that beats cpanel.

Conclusion as you can see clearly everything in web hosting depends on choice.

I am tmerlin a tech lover


A nice and well detailed article keep it up. Although it would have been great if you suggested other domain and hosting websites apart from bluehost and name cheap. Although name cheap does it for me so far. Do keep up the good job that you are doing, I expect to see more articles and never ever give up.

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