Get free unlimited data on dent free data app

Get free unlimited data on dent free data app

Hello everyone I bring you good news as usual. Never be out of data again, with the newly launched dent data app allows you to topup your number & any other numbers with mobile internet data for smart phones & computers.Download dent app

After you successfully download the app using the link below , you see a message you got free dents, join, select manually to input your info and immediately you would be given 50 dent. The dent can  be used to purchase  data of any network of your choice, you can refer people and accumulate more dent. With this you won't run out of data again.Download dent app
bring your friends and free dents, share your  referral link with your friends .by joining dents they get 50 dents for free your gift 20 dents for each new user.
The dent app Is available in the following countries USA, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, United Arabic Emirates and more are coming every month!Download dent app

Below is the data value you get on each network
150mb 29 dent
1gb 149 dent

350mb 45 dent
750mb 75 dent

750mb 76 dent
1.5gb 151 dent

262mb 32 dent
1gb 80 dent

Download dent app here

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