Huawei developing its own OS as possible Android replacement

Huawei developing its own OS as possible Android replacement

Huwawei the largest telecommunication company in China and in the world said to be working on new operating system to replace Android.
Huawei started working on a new operating system back in 2012 

USA house intelligent committee is carrying out investigation on huawei new operating system invention, as it does not comply with USA regulations.
The founder of huawei, Ren Zhengfei, insisted that huawei continues with the invention of new operating system that could outplay android.

Huawei is conniving with giant zte company to see the successful of new operating system that could replace android flagship in China and in other countries .
Apple and android is the only two authorized telecommunication companies authorized by USA government to own operating system for mobile gadgets.

Zte was fined $896 million by us department finds for violation and was deprived of their android licencse.
Huawei is reported to been under investigation for breach of sanctions and could be fined if found guilty by USA finds law.
South China morning post reports, huawei is working on their new operating system for computer and smartphone.

Its not secret anymore that huawei Chinese company wants to be independent and have their own operating system, ready to face the ugly side of it.

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